Don’t fall for your enemy…

Our recommended read for today,
October, 22nd, 2020.

A sexy read with a sprinkle of halloween thrills. Neanderthal Next Door is a naughty enemies to lovers romance with the smouldering alpha next door. Devour this mountain man today.

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Neanderthal Next Door

Don’t fall for your enemy…
Especially NOT a Neanderthal neighbor determined to make your life h*ll.

After one unforgettable encounter Hunter immediately became the bane of my existence.

He may be insanely HOT, dark and mysterious…
But there are THREE very good reasons why I want ZERO to do with him.

#1 He’s got secrets.
#2 He’s a crabby pants S.O.B. who thinks he can intimidate me.
#3 The way he makes me feel when our eyes meet scares the living crap out of me.

Starting over on the mountains is going to be A LOT harder than I expected.

What the Reviews Say

Drama, action, Halloween backdrop, heat, and a touch of suspense. I thought the plot was well written and the characters were easy to connect with. I enjoyed the author’s attention to detail, and she did a great job keeping me entertained throughout the story. I enjoyed it and recommend it to others.

Mandy and Hunter make for an unlikely couple, he is so determined to isolate himself from the world, and she is desperately trying to remain in it for the sake of her son. Beautifully written with wonderful characters, this one had me gripped

A sweet story with lots of pain that needs a touch that others can provide to make it less. Good friends are there to help.

I enjoyed the characters in this story. I thought the storyline was well written. There are a couple of twists, some drama, some sparks and high heat between the Hunter and Mandy.

What’s not to like? A hot, sexy big guy with a grumpy personality and a very well hidden marshmallow heart. A beautiful, resilient single mom of a precocious young son. Sparks fly the moment Mandy and Hunter meet, first rage induced then fired by fierce attraction. They both came to the mountains to start anew and to put the memories that haunt them behind them. Neither were looking for love, but it sure found them! Loved this book!!