Doctor Mc. Hottie wants to knock me up.

It’s was the perfect arrangement…

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December, 21st, 2019.

Steamy desire, secrets and scorching hot romance… Triplets For The Mountain Man: A Mountain Man’s Secret Baby Romance is your next must-read. A silver fox doctor, an unbelievably tempting offer and a real chance for love to grow, despite the odds. It’s hard to keep triplets a secret, particularly in a small town.

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Triplets For The Mountain Man: A Mountain Man’s Secret Baby Romance

It’s was the perfect arrangement…
A secret NO ONE in this small town can ever know.
The mountain man can finally have his dream family…
And I save my dreams from destitution.
But when danger threatens everything….
Will Abe be able to save our babies??

He’s everything I ever wanted in a man…
A smart surgeon. Tall. Dark. And unbelievably SEXY.

Doctor Mc. Hottie wants to knock me up.
But there’s one teeny tiny technicality…
He wants me to be his surrogate.

As much as I know this is crazy…
And something out of a reality show…
It’s the best chance I have to avoid my biggest nightmare.

But things get complicated when darkness shows its ugly face.
Suddenly my maternal instincts go on overdrive…
And I see a whole different side of Abe.
A protective alpha side.
I just pray he can save our unborn babies from a force the won’t stop until it gets what it wants.

What the Reviews Say

There is one woman that has caught his eye, but he is about 20 years older than her, and they have some fiery chemistry. Can he get over the age gap? Felicity would love to claim silver fox Abe for her own, but will his plans for having a child ruin her chances at forever? I loved this passionate alpha doctor, and the independent strong woman he is attracted to.

The characters have so much chemistry but had refused to act on it. But hard times made for difficult decisions. One kiss changes everything, they were meant for each other and put up a good fight until they could no longer deny their love. The babies just sweetened the pot.

KC Crowne’s romances always provide a sweet, sensitive love story woven with tension and mystery that delivers a HEA ending. These romances also have several shared characteristics—they are located in or near Liberty, a small mountain community in Utah; they include a collection of characters who are loving and supportive of their friends and family, and they focus on a vision of family that extends beyond simple biology.

The characters, Abe & Felicity were adorable & I fell in love with them both from the very first page. It was enchanting following them on their “not so easy” journey towards their HEA.

An excellent story. So romantic but so heartbreaking at the same time because Felicity is so in love with him and is afraid she is going to have to leave the babies with him and not be their mother. She would not be able to deal with seeing her children grow up without her. Excellently written and emotionally draining at times but their HEA is right around the corner. Trust. That’s what is holding them back. So wonderful.


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