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August, 19th, 2020.

Secrets of Lady Lucy

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It’s never easy keeping secrets…
Only her desire to crush the Crown’s enemies could induce Lady Lucille Stanford to endure another Season. For years she has worked secretly for the Home Office, and she has come to London with one purpose: foil the attempted kidnapping of a highly valuable target, identity unknown. Inconveniently, Lord Harrington—Lucy’s brother and guardian—has other plans. He won’t be satisfied until she is at long last married.

He never forgets a face …
After years on the Continent, Blake Gower, Earl of Devonton, returns to England in need of a wife. He should not be surprised when his best friend Harrington’s sister recaptures his attention. But there’s more to the woman Lady Lucy has become than the delightful girl Blake remembers. When she takes an unexpected jaunt to the country during the height of the Season, Blake is determined to know why—and to discover all Lady Lucy’s secrets.

Unwilling to give up her patriotic mission for marriage, Lucy is conflicted when she meets the enigmatic Lord Devonton. She never expected to feel this way about a man again.

When the ransom demand comes due—will it be for Lady Lucy’s heart?

Secrets of Lady Lucy is the first book in the steamy Agents of the Home Office regency romance series. If you like unconventional heroines, hero’s with hidden talents and romance with a twist, then you’ll adore Rachel Ann Smith’s fast paced series opener.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Claimed by the Alien Warrior Razko:
A SciFi Alien Warrior Romance

A deathbed promise and a cruel temptation.

For Jules to release herself from a painful past, she must break a promise and learn to love again.

The faithful widow promised her husband she’d never love another, but when a skirmish traps her in a confined engine room with a massive blue alien, she panics. His very presence effects her on a very deep, primal level. The feelings that she worked so hard to deny for so many years threaten to overwhelm her completely.

Ryzko was dedicated to the cause but his heart longed for a fated mate he’d never yet met. The females on the ship held no interest for him until he found himself barricaded with a pale Terran who was adamant she was not interested in him in the slightest.

The quiet red haired Terran intrigued him. The blush that rose on her creamy skin drove him to divine despair. Her scent, the gentle sway of her hips, even the way she said his name intoxicated him. There was no mistake she was his fated mate.

Their cause be damned: he would do whatever it took to stop her intended one-way mission no matter the consequences.

Can the blue, alien warrior beast break the redheaded Earth-girl free from her painful past?

♨️ Heat Level 4

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Game of Love

My new boss is a jerk.
A hot billionaire-with-an-Irish-accent jerk.
Rumors of his criminal past are office gossip.
I’m not surprised: my family’s latest gaming app was stolen by his company.
I’ve gone undercover as an intern.
I’m determined to stay on mission…
until our lips lock.

Can we be together or do we both lose this game of love?

? Heat Level 5

Forbidden Lovers: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

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If you enjoy sexy alphas, feisty heroines, and a good forbidden romance, these six standalone novels are perfect for you!

? Heat Level 5

Hot for the Marine

Hot for the Marine is a sweet and steamy with a happily-ever-after Insta Love Romance featuring a strong military hero and the strong and curvy woman he loves. NO cliffhangers. NO cheating. Book 1 of the Hot for Heroes Series

I’m mortified when I ugly-cry in front of a big, strong and hunky man at my cousin’s wedding.
A man that doesn’t run away from a sobbing woman is a keeper in my book.
I haven’t dated much in the past three years, but I say ‘Yes’ when Kane asks me out.
I’m horrified when I find out he’s a marine because I only have one dating rule.
No Marines. Ever!

The curvy beauty I meet at my sister’s wedding captures my heart and soul the moment I see her.
She makes me want to have a family, a dream I gave up when I joined the Marine Corps.
But when her past threatens to break us apart, she has a choice to make- me or her past?

♥️ Heat Level 3

Runaway Mate

Gray Jennings has a problem. One that could get him put down by his alpha. His lack of control and shifting in his sleep marks him as a hazard to both humans and other shifters.

So when rich girl Meghan Wilcox comes to town, he vows to stay far away. The last thing Gray needs is a distraction. Even if Meghan’s curves and fragile beauty bring out his protective nature. Meghan’s on the run, hiding from a vengeful ex-fiance.

Tucked away in a secret cabin, Meghan feels the glimmers of hope. But a new threat soon arrives in the shape of a terrifying shifter. A bond links her to the formidable shifter, but he’s savage and unpredictable. Meghan’s past won’t stay quiet.

Just when her heart is on the edge of loving this untamed shifter, danger looms, threatening all she holds dear.

The only one who can save her is the wild and feral bear.

♨️ Heat Level 4