Dane (Daddies MC Book 1)

She’s a Little baker. He’s a Daddy Dom biker. When her life’s put in danger, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her.

Things can’t get any worse.
I’ve been threatened, I’m sick, my job’s in danger.
Then I run into him. Literally.
He knocks me off my bicycle.
Six foot something of smokin’ hot muscle and thick, dark ink.
A body to die for, an attitude so bad it makes me tremble and shake.
He’s a biker, part of a secret club.
And now he’s saying he’s gonna claim me? Protect me? Regress me?
If I wasn’t so fascinated, I’d be running for the hills.
But even if I ran, he’d catch me.

I’m not letting some Little distract me.
Regardless of how s*xy she is.
Regardless of how cute she is.
I need to keep my eyes on the prize.
Someone’s running drugs on my turf.
And that’s not gonna fly.
Anyway, Harper’s not my type.
She’s too… perfect. Too beautiful. Too damn kind.
I don’t deserve her.
But if that’s the case, why can’t I get her out of my head?
Just when I think I’m falling for her, I make a discovery that shocks me to my core.
And nothing will ever be the same.

Dane is a HOT, satisfying, full-length, age play biker romance novel featuring a couple of consenting adults who are perfect for each other. It includes spanking and discipline, a whirlwind of suspense, and a full-blooded Happy Ever After. Enjoy! This is Book One of the Daddies MC series, a collection of standalone novels exploring the dominant men of Daddies MC, a club for powerful bikers in LA. The novels can be read in any order.

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