Daddy’s Billionaire Doctor: Older Man, Younger Woman Instalove Short Romance

It was so fast. The more I got to know Adam, the more I wanted to be his girl. But our lives were so different, even though I was already addicted to his touch…

I’d never even thought of being close with a man until I met Adam. He was so far out of my league we were barely on the same planet, yet he treated me like his girlfriend immediately. Before she left Dad, my mother told me never to trust men, specifically rich men. Since I’m not close with her anymore, I can’t ask whether exceptions can ever be made.

I shouldn’t let myself fall in love with Adam – he’s Dad’s doctor and 14 years older than I am. He’s brilliant, but so protective that I can’t quite believe it. No matter how much those gorgeous dark eyes beg. No matter how sweet he is with me. Or that every time he touches me, I feel fire swirling through my belly.

Can I trust a man who seems obsessed with me? No amount of lust is worth risking Dad’s experimental treatment, and my own heart… is it?

*This steamy light romance is filled with feel-good moments, some heat, and of course, a HEA.*

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