I feel like I’m living in some crazy romance novel…

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
January, 9th, 2020.

Her brother’s best friend: the secret crush she has had for… forever. Unexpected Marriage is a suspenseful, twisty and intense romance that will have you captivated by the secrets,
surprises and the irresistibly hot, steamy scenes. 

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Unexpected Marriage: A Marriage Mistake Romance

Accidentally married and pregnant by my
brother’s best friend.
The worse part?
I can’t even remember the night it happened.

Weddings are supposed to bring people closer
But for me, it ended with a breakup.
I thought I was prepared for the unexpected.
I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.

That was until my brother’s best friend walked back into my life.
Beck, with his captivating blue eyes, and his tall
military sculpted body.
The most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on.
He’s a self-made billionaire, that will do anything to keep me safe.

Finding my marriage certificate in the mail,
Then news of my pregnancy on the same day?
I feel like I’m living in some crazy romance novel…

If only I knew how to tell him about us and our baby.
And if only things didn’t take a more terrible and
unexpected turn.
Now, I’m here being held hostage.
Asking myself questions, wishing I had made
different choices.
Like… Why didn’t I just listen to Beck?
Will Beck be able to rescue me before it’s too late?

What the Reviews Say

I loved absolutely everything about this book. The relationship between Beck and Ruby is relatable and had me rooting for them from the first page. And finding out that not everyone was who they appeared to be?! Wow!! I usually see plot twists coming but Beverly Evans DEFINITELY caught me by surprise!

Beverly writes these incredible characters and gives them enough obstacles to work up a sweat but be able to see the light at the end to appreciate the work to get there./span>

I really enjoyed reading this book. Beck and Ruby were a perfect match, after years of restrained affection and love, for each other.

A great story! Ruby has secretly crushed on her brother’s best friend, Beck for a long time. Ruby has had many relationships that never amounted to anything. They reunite when they come together for a wedding. They can’t resist each other any longer. Unexpected marriage, surprises, secrets, love, and a HEA.

I love southern location storylines and this is one of the good ones. There is humor mixed in with the author’s excellent storytelling. The main characters, Ruby and Beck always bring the pages to life when they are in scenes together perhaps because they have known each other for most of their lives and that familiarity comes thru.