Childhood friend. And my brother’s best friend.

Our recommended read for today,
September, 28th, 2020.

A rugged mountain man and his quest to find lasting love: Quadruplets for the Mountain Man: A Mountain Man’s Baby Romance is a. standalone friends-to-lovers romantic suspense filled with lots of steam and four (yes, four) babies… can you image… quadruplets?! Oh, boy!

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Quadruplets for the Mountain Man

“Hold up!! Did you say FOUR heartbeats?!?”

My babies’ father is a war hero.
Beautifully broken mountain man.
Childhood friend. And my brother’s best friend.
Basically the one I’ve wanted since adolescence.
I can’t even process the fact I’m having his babies.
Four babies!!!!

Ground Rules of our Arrangement:
#1. Absolutely NO emotions.
#2. ZERO attachment whatsoever.
#3. If you have questions, repeat rules 1 and 2.

It’s safe to say I’ve TOTALLY screwed this up!

What the Reviews Say

There’s ups and downs , a mystery why the good people of Liberty were getting sick , drama , steam and so much more that keeps you engrossed in this book until the end , one to definitely read.

Genuinely heartfelt story of two long-time friends coming together in their time of grief and finding that friendship can often lead to more.

KC Crowne’s stories of the Mountain Men of Liberty, Utah, are always full of interesting individuals dealing with the challenges that life—and their choices—have put in their paths. Each tale is a standalone romance, but the plots allow the citizens of Liberty to pass through the tale, so that the reader often encounters friends and family encountered from other stories of Liberty.

This book offered up an abundance of wonderfulness. Filled with plenty of emotions and as it unfolded it gave me a major case of feels.

Fantastic friends with characters that you want to know and a story that will keep you reading until the end. Their happiness is what grabbed me the most and the undeniable chemistry. Sam and Penny have drama, passion, love and the biggest surprise waiting for them.