Charming (Cinderella & the Billionaire)

He’s a bad boy trying to be good…
Ford’s gone from playboy to responsible CEO. Since inheriting his father’s billion-dollar corporation, he has everything to prove. He also has a secret.

Her name is Autumn, and her voice is perfect. Sometimes sweet and innocent, sometimes sultry and seductive, but always exactly right.

She’s a good girl pretending to be bad…
Autumn’s fantasy hotline job helps pay the bills–and with a sister to raise, she has lots of those. So the shy 23-year-old plays the roles the callers want. Except with Ford. He wants the real Autumn. And she can’t help wishing he were more than a voice in the night.

When Autumn’s in danger and Ford rushes to her rescue, their unlikely connection becomes a Cinderella story. But Autumn has a secret, too… one that might destroy their fairy-tale romance.

Note: This book was previously published by Kindle Press.

**Charming is a full-length contemporary romance novel with steamy scenes, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a very happy ending.**

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