Can she get him to believe in her?

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February, 11th, 2020.

A mystery and a story of domination… The Lark and the Bull is the latest captivating romance from one of the best. With such undeniable attraction, the steamy scenes were inevitable and irresistible. Intense romance not to be missed.

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The Lark and the Bull

Can she get him to believe in her?

Lark is an empath, meaning that she can read people’s feelings but not their thoughts. When a small-town West Virginia police department hires her to help catch a serial killer, she is met with opposition at every turn – especially from the head detective on the case, Greg “Bull” Keenan.

When Lark is at a murder scene, the vibes she gets from the victim literally knock her to the ground, reducing her to a helpless little girl. It seems Bull is the only one who can get through to her and comfort her during these episodes.

This might just lead to something more between the two of them – if only Bull would believe in her abilities.

What the Reviews Say

I loved their relationship as much as I loved the mystery within the plot. Danger, mystery, a couple with elements of age play and an enemies to lovers vibe, I mean, it’s just so good!

Attraction flares up and it is the last thing either of them need. 
Amazing plot, fantastic characters and that ending, simply amazing!

A stand alone romance with a murder mystery to solve with a slight paranormal twist. Oh my goodness, once I started this book, I could NOT put it down!

Action packed from beginning to end. I especially appreciated that the heroine had fully embraces her submissive tendencies. There are plenty of sexy scenes and even a mystery!

The Lark and the Bull is an interesting story. The blend of love, sex, spanking, crime, and accepting each other for who they are kept my attention from start to finish.