Can a dragon melt the Ice Queen’s frozen heart?

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The Necromancer’s Dragon: Fantasy Romance Inspired By Norse Mythology


Can a dragon melt the Ice Queen’s frozen heart?

Aurora Nordstrøm has the privileges, the looks and the attitude to go with them. Problem is, her necromantic family’s dreaded name doesn’t make her love life easy. Neither does her reputation of an Ice Queen.

Haunted by her past, Aurora heads home to the Lofoten Islands in Norway, but her plan for a quiet family holiday turns into a tangled mess when she wakes up next to a dragon shifter. An infuriating shifter who’s fated by The Norns to become her soulmate.

Despite the Norse Fates’ plan, Aurora is unwilling to succumb to destiny. But the equally unyielding Carl Drahmann is hell-bent on keeping his mate at all costs. Can he melt her heart? Or is the arctic frostbite impervious even to draconic fire?

Hop on a ride to the lands of sublime fjords, radiant northern lights and ancient Norse mythology, as Carl and Aurora fight each other’s inner demons and discover the enthralling power of love.

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About the Author

Amy B. Nixon is a designer and columnist by day, an aspiring fiction author by night and a 24/7 caffeine addict.

As an avid reader from a very young age, Amy has always wanted to contribute to the fascinating world of literature. Her latest project, “9 Minute Interviews”, strives at helping authors and readers alike to connect with each other in a fun, light and non-time-consuming way.

When she’s not working or writing, Amy enjoys cooking, playing board games, taking roadtrips, shocking the people around her with dark humor, playing the piano and ruining group photos due to not being able to pose seriously for a proper picture.

What the Reviews Say

Peppered with vivid descriptions, and the idea of the dragon’s fire versus the Ice Queen was portrayed in great detail. All in all, it’s a deep, multi-dimensional, emotive love story that fans of Norse mythology and paranormal romance will enjoy

What a fun holiday romance showing fire VS ice, dragon shifter VS necromancer.

Hilarious, witty, emotional and with vivid descriptions. The characters were well fleshed out, the Lofoten Islands were picturesque, and the Norse mythology was an excellent backdrop to the story.

I love the interaction between these two and the twisted web that tells their story.

Perfect for fantasy and romance book lovers! Aurora is such a strong and powerful character with some heavy things holding her back from ever wanting a relationship. But as soon as she meets Carl, sparks fly.

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