But then a hero, unlike any other, found me…

Unconscious and on the brink of death.

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
November, 21st, 2019.

Fast-paced action with a growly alpha mountain man… Broken Hero is crammed full of steamy romance, intense action and a love story where the future holds more hope than the chains of the past. A fantastic read!

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Broken Hero

Someone please save me.
I was pregnant, afraid, and running for my life.
But then a hero, unlike any other, found me…

Unconscious and on the brink of death.
He picked me up and carried me to his cabin.

My hulk like hero’s a reclusive billionaire that’s tormented by his past.
He came to this mountain with one desire. To be alone.
But that all changed…
When we crashed into his life.
We became his new obsession.
Taking care of us became his purpose.
But the danger from my past is determined to ruin our future.

The cartel has no idea what Baker is capable of.
There’s a reason they call him a Broken Hero.
He’s beyond a beast and to protect us he will destroy them.

What the Reviews Say

Another great read from London James! The chemistry between Baker and Isla is Explosive! There is ACTION SUSPENSE and EVERYTHING you could WANT! Just another PHENOMENAL read and one you don’t want to miss!

Fast paced, great action scenes, edge of you seat action romance. Sparks fly, action and WOW! I could not put this down! Twists and turns and a wonderful HEA.

Interesting and exciting. This book is full of adventures and action, the suspense is so high you just can’t put it down once you start reading it. I loved every minute of it.

A fast-paced novel that will have you gripping your seat from page one until the very end. This one has it all from suspense, tragedy, drama to second chances. The only problem with this one is you will not want to put it down.

A great read. intense, engaging, steamy filled with action, suspense and romance.


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