December 3rd

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Advent Calendar Treat for December 3rd.

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Today’s Sponsored Books

Our pick of romance deals and steals that are not to be missed. Grab a cup of cocoa and curl up with one of these great books!

The Brothers Next Door

$2.99 or FREE on KU!

After a night of epic sex, he left a thank-you note on my night-side table!

Imagine my surprise on moving day when I discover my one-night stand is now my new neighbor, Nate.

Last weekend, the hot NYPD officer gave me the night of my life. He looks almost as handsome in uniform as out of uniform. I wait for him to say something like… ‘You were amazing.’ Or ‘What a night’. Or maybe, ‘Dinner? My place?’

Sounds reasonable, right? After all, Nate left me hoarse from screaming his name, and aching from doing it in every position known to man. He also left me without a goodbye. Just a note. A freaking thank-you note. So, maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised when he eyes me up and down and says three very different words.

‘Have we met?’

B*st*rd. That’s what I thought for a second.

But, it turns out Officer Casanova has a twin brother. Darrin.

Nate didn’t forget me. In fact, he has plans for me, plans that include his brother and both of them having their dirty, wicked way with me. These gorgeous, sexy, demanding men want to share me. Sounds like a girl’s dream come true, right? But what if a time comes when I have to choose?


A Touch of Christmas Magic: A Lesfic Second Chance Romance

99c or FREE in KU!

Emily Williams has always felt driven to follow her dreams. Her art studies took her across the country, but she can’t forget the girl she left behind. When she learns that Danica has been in a devastating car accident, she’s glad to be returning home for Christmas. She has to see Danica again.

Danica Swanson has tried to move on since Emily left but with limited success. The town of Myrton hasn’t offered many dating prospects, but she found a job as a barista that made her happy. That was until the crash put her life in jeopardy and left her with little choice but to give up her job.

Danica still misses Emily, but she has a lot to deal with as she recovers from her injuries. Meanwhile, Emily wants to give her dream of a relationship with Danica another chance. 

Can they find a way to rekindle their flame or have they lost each other for good?

Today’s Freebies

These authors have provided their books for us today to read for free! These may be time limited so download them now or regret it forever.

Melody’s Christmas: Heartwarming Holidays Sweet Romance Book 1


Can Christmas magic help her hear the music again?

Melody Murphy shared her love of music with her father, but after tragically loosing him on Christmas Eve two years ago, she no longer has any interest in music or Christmas. She returns to her hometown of Charles Town, West Virginia, to help her mother save the family antique business, content to stay focused on her work. 

However, when a chance encounter with an adorable five-year-old leads her to befriend an attractive single dad, Melody begins to realize she’s been putting her life on hold, something her father would’ve never wished for her. 

Will she learn to hear the song in the falling snow again?


The Show Must Go On


While You Were Sleeping meets Pitch Perfect in this hilarious romantic comedy that will have you laughing—and singing along too.

Jenna is certain of three things:

1.  No way is she already thirty years old.
      (Except…she is.)

2.  Annie the musical should never be crossed with Fifty Shades of Grey.
      (But this perfectly describes the show she’s currently starring in.)


3.  She can never return home—even if after twelve years her ex-boyfriend, Danny, wakes up from his coma and asks for her by name.
     (Which he does.)

Okay, so sometimes Jenna gets a few things wrong. But she’s definitely sticking with her never going home plan. (At least until Danny’s younger brother, Will, arrives on Jenna’s doorstep and insists on escorting her back to Buffalo, NY—and Danny’s bedside.)

Fine. Maybe Jenna can go home again. But she’s not staying.And she’s definitely not falling in love.(Right?)

For fans of Sally Thorne, Penny Reid, and Lucy Parker, this standalone chick lit novel will give you all the feels.

Chasing Pan: Tales From Neverland: Dark Fairy Tales Series


Chasing Pan: Tales From Neverland
Adult Dark Fairy TalesThe dark new series that reimagines the Neverland saga…

Ebony & Pan: Capitan Ebony Hook has been sailing the high seas of Neverland for her entire life. When her father, Capitan James Bartholomew Hook tasks her with chasing down Peter Pan in human world Ebony is told to kill Pan or bring him back to Neverland.

A ruthless club owner, Peter has grown up and is no longer interested in playing in Neverland. Until he meets the beautiful Ebony. Hidden secrets come to light and he joins the crew of the Jolly Roger with one mission in mind. Protect Ebony at all costs.

Tiger Lily & Alex: Captain Hook’s bastard, Alex has never been claimed by his father and was raised by first mate Smeed. Sent to protect his childhood friend, Alex finds himself off course as the lovely Princess Tiger Lily invades his thoughts and haunts his dreams aboard the Jolly Roger.

Tinkerbell & Puck: Tinkerbell is known for her sassy attitude and ridiculous antics. Always the life of the party until Puck comes along and shatters the facade she has been hiding behind all these years. Lovers from another time, can these two work out their tangled pasts in time to save Neverland and rekindle the flame that never truly burned out?

Chasing Pan is a gorgeous mix of Neverland and Treasure Island. With familiar characters and some that are brand new, this dark fairy tale is sure to captivate the readers and leave them begging for more.


Dragon’s Thief:
A Reverse Harem Serial


Stealing from one dragon is lunacy.
Stealing from five of them? I must have a death wish.

Contrary to popular opinion, I really don’t have a death wish.

Yes, I’m a thief, but after almost being torn limb from limb by an irate panther shifter, I’ve given up my law-breaking ways. From now on, I’m sticking to the straight and narrow.

Then Drakkar Raedwulf dangles one tempting, yet impossible job in front of me. Steal a gemstone from the five dragon princes.

I’m not a fool, but Silas, the closest thing I have to a father, is gravely ill. He’ll die if I can’t get him the treatment he needs. Treatments that are far more expensive than I can afford with my crappy minimum-wage job.

So I take the job.

And promptly get caught by the five princes. Bastian. Casius. Rhys. Mateo. Erik.

And that’s where my story really begins…

Because the dragons are cursed, and my blood might be the secret to freeing them.



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