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Advent Calendar Treat for December 15th.

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Today’s Sponsored Books

Our pick of romance deals and steals that are not to be missed. Grab a cup of cocoa and curl up with one of these great books!

Darcy Does Dallas

FREE on KU or just $2.99 today!

Does a spark still burn beneath the ashes?

CEO Will Darcy is in Dallas to close a merger, not to rekindle an old flame. Yet one glance at Geo, his childhood friend and ex-lover, turns Will’s orderly world into chaos. The buried pain of regret rushes to the surface, and his whole body screams mine. Never mind that Geo broke his heart ten years ago. Looking into that Caribbean blue gaze, Will can’t escape the old passion when they’re together.

Corporate lawyer Geo has no idea of the secret merger planned between his company and Pemberley Industries. Not until a last-minute reassignment brings Geo onto the transition team. Without warning, he’s in face-to-face negotiations with the only man he ever loved. Forgiveness is impossible after what he did a decade ago. But he still aches for the broad-shouldered CEO with the soulful dark eyes.

Desire in the boardroom soon leads to the bedroom. Is it just a fling? Or can Geo prove he’s a better man, and gain Will’s trust for good?

Will and Geo steam up the pages of this enemies-to-lovers M/M romance novel. This story of forgiveness and redemption will warm your heart this holiday season.


Dark Gods: An Academy Bully Romance (Academy of the Gods Book 1)

FREE on KU or just $2.99 today!

At the Academy of the Gods,
winner takes all and the games are about to begin.

The name’s Kore, daughter of
Demeter, crown goddess of spring, but you can call me Kory.

Along with my invitation to attend the elite Olympus Academy where all the top deities send their brats for training, comes the news that I’m betrothed to Hades, tall, dark and brooding god of the underworld.

I’d much rather be Queen Bee of my girl gang back home, slinging Panaceas to spoiled rich Olympians, but I have three years to enjoy my life before I’m ruling the denizens of hell at Hades’ side and I refuse to waste it making him look good.

Turns out, my betrothed has a gang of his own. The Triad, made up of Hades, Loki and Fenrir, rules the school and they expect me to bow down like everyone else.

Sure, Janus. Cue eyeroll.

The three of them share everything, and when I humiliate Hades my first night at the Academy by making the tiniest immortal faux pas, their lust turns to cruelty and they start to edge in on my side hustle, but that’s fine with me. Four can play at that game.

Today’s Freebies

These authors have provided their books for us today to read for free! These may be time limited so download them now or regret it forever.

As He Bids


Hanna Cohen threw more than caution to the wind on the day she applied to work for the hottest man she’s ever known.

Indeed, Bruce Nelson’s looks and body could melt iron—and have succeeded in melting her bones to jelly. But he’s never noticed her before, so what harm could there be in working closely with an unrequited crush?

Sure, he was once her brother’s friend from the wrong side of the tracks. All grown up now, he’s the handsome, powerful and wealthy part owner of an upscale auction house.

And he’s her boss for the next two months.

And now, Hannah’s realizing her folly. Because her obsession with his commanding good looks and sexy-as-sin mouth is threatening to tank her career aspirations.

Most especially when he finally turns his full attention on her and refuses to relent.


Just Married


They say what happens in Vegas stays in

They lie.
My shameful Vegas mistake followed me home.
This filthy-talking bad boy says he wants forever.
…I want a divorce.

I’ve been a bridesmaid fifteen times. Never a bride, no matter how much I wished for it.
Kingston Bennett broke my heart once, and I swore I’d never give him a second chance.

Drunk me disagreed.
Drunk me thought it would be a good idea to marry the bad boy from my past.

Drunk me is an idiot.

Sober me wants to run, but Kingston won’t let me go.

Can I trust him with my happily ever after?

Miranda’s Paranormal Quickies: The Bad Girls Collection Books 1-4


Miranda’s Paranormal Quickies Collection is a collection of Miranda’s short stories designed to be read quickly but with a satisfying goodness.

Book One-Haunted

Maxine’s Halloween is interrupted, first by teenagers after the party of the century, and then by a vampire. When you’re a ghost, very little scares you, and Maxine is just surprised he can see her. After 19 years of loneliness, Beau the vampire comes along and changes everything.

Book Two-A Very Shifter Christmas

Going for a run didn’t seem risky, but it changes Charlie’s life forever and she starts to see things a little different than she had before. She doesn’t want to be her family’s doormat anymore, and by golly, she’s just not going to take it anymore.

It’s time to make some changes, and she knows he’s the one to do it with. She just doesn’t know exactly how much one man can change your life.

Book Three-Wolf Reunion

He was all I ever wanted. But was it stupid to wait 10 years for a man that disappeared on prom night so long ago?


Her memory was the only thing that got me through the hell I’d been through over the last ten years. I’m finally free, but is she? Did the woman I promise to love until the day I died wait for me, or did she give up? I’m about to find out. And if she’s not free, I’m not certain what my wolf will do. There’s one thing for certain. I want her. And somehow, I will have her. I’m the new Alpha in town, after all.

Book Four-Hope’s Harbor Shifters

Audrey is newly single and wants to have the time of her life. Gideon and Tommy promised both. But they come with secrets.

Those secrets could break her, and they could be deadly. When she has one pair of golden cat eyes and a pair of dark gray wolf eyes staring her down, life gets hard. Which should she choose?
And should she take them up on the promise that she don’t have to choose at all?



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