Big, mysterious, and utterly captivating.

We’re two people that should’ve never been together.

Our recommended read for today,
November, 14th, 2019.

There’s nothing quite like a Viking to catch Brazen HQ’s attention… I mean, Rawr! Beowulf’s Claim certainly does not disappoint! A secret baby, a second chance and a romance so hot that it will melt more than just the snow 😉

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Beowulf’s Claim

I found out his secret and ran.
But there’s nothing Beowulf won’t do to have me.
Especially now that I’m carrying his baby.

Big, mysterious, and utterly captivating.
Beowulf is the beautiful Viking warrior from my past.
A broken man, full of battle scars…
We’re two people that should’ve never been
Yet, I fell for him.
The day we shared our first kiss, I was taken from my home.

Time has passed and after years of searching. He found me.
I was left in the woods unconscious, on the brink of death.
He brought me to his cabin and saved me.
I became a caretaker to an orphan boy that he was raising.
But when I recovered my memory and discovered his dark secret, I ran.
What was I thinking?
A poor girl like me isn’t meant to have a happily ever after…
Especially with a man so dangerous and wild.
I don’t care that he’d search the world for me.
I’d never be Beowulf’s Claim.


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