Can they make the best of a difficult situation and find love?

Our pick of Sweet and/or Clean Romance for today,
April, 9th, 2020.

A sweet cowboy romance that will sweep you off your feet… You’ll just love it!
Her Cowboy Billionaire Bull Rider: An Everett Sisters Novel is the perfect escape into a beautiful, Christian romance filled with emotion, forgiveness and finding a love to share forever with.

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Her Cowboy Billionaire Bull Rider:
An Everett Sisters Novel

A billionaire bull rider and the pretty country music singer he’s boarding with…Can they make the best of a difficult situation and find love this Christmas?

Todd Christopherson has just retired from the professional rodeo circuit and returned to his hometown of Coral Canyon. Problem is, he’s got no family there anymore, no land, and nothing to do. But when his old friend, Graham Whittaker, offers him the opportunity to work on the ranch, Todd takes it.

The work comes with a place to stay at Whiskey Mountain Lodge, where a beautiful country singer, Violet Everett, is living as she works out some kinks in her career. The last thing Vi wants is a permanent resident at the lodge—it messes with her muse—but Todd is tall, handsome, and good in the kitchen. Besides, she doesn’t own the lodge, so she doesn’t really have a say about who stays there.

Then Todd gets thrown during a routine horseback ride up the canyon, and his only support as he recovers physically is Vi. She’s no nurse, but she does the best she can for the handsome cowboy. Will she lose her heart to the billionaire bull rider? Can Todd trust that God led him to Coral Canyon…and Vi?

What the Reviews Say

It was very easy to sense their emotions as Vi and Todd experienced them; worry, frustration, hope – a full spectrum of feelings to process. I love how realistically their relationship is presented to us. They’re both intrigued with one another, but there aren’t necessarily instant sparks. We get to witness Todd and Vi fall in love with one another and work through all the difficulties that come with trying to blend your life with that of another person.  

Great story. I can’t get enough of this series.The stories are full of love and heartache. They have a good way of making you want to go to Wyoming and find a good looking, God reading cowboy.

I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters-their strong, and sometimes not so strong, faith, their care of family and the understanding that family isn’t always people with whom you are related. What started out as a dreary day, has be a joyous time of meeting ‘new friends’ and watching them grow in their faith and fall in love. *Sigh 🙂 It’s been a LOVELY day!

I love cowboys, even retired rodeo cowboys. He is a retired bull rider and she’s part of a sister singing trio. He comes back to where he grew up and she’s staying at her sister’s home. They connect, but will it last? There is humor, romance, no sex, and some religion. Highly recommend.

Vi and Todd had an exceptional storyline with happenings and events that rock both their lives. Todd and Vi quickly fell in love and had to figure out how they intertwined and build a future together, your storytelling weaves a wonderful powerful story with God placing His hand on them. Immensely enjoyed this book!