Becoming a baby daddy wasn’t part of the plan…

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February, 25th, 2021.

Laugh out loud funny, with more heat than a football final! Interception: A sports romantic comedy is a delightful romance filled with witty banter, sensationally steamy scenes, and a HEA worthy of a touchdown celebration.

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Interception: A sports romantic comedy (Hall of Fame)

Becoming a baby daddy wasn’t part of the plan…

Cooper ‘Coop’ Danford is an NFL Titan and hot commodity to his female fans. Not one to settle down, Coop enjoys the spoils of fame and fortune. It’s not until sassy, sexy, Zoey ‘Zee’ Porter literally shows up on his doorstep that he contemplates something more.

Zee is a woman who knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to take it. Thrown into the deep-end with her best friend, Faith, Zee unwittingly finds herself in the home of NFL heartthrob—lucky number seven—Cooper Danford. He’s everything she likes in a one-night-stand. He’s hot, ripped, and ready to show a girl a good time. After a sizzling weekend fling, Zee is keen to leave him behind and go about her life.

Coop has other plans.

Attempting to woo Zee, she keeps him at arm’s length, unwilling to let herself fall in love. When the fates collide and the not-so-couple couple find themselves expecting, they’re in for some sidesplitting adventures along the way.

What does love, lust, and family look like when these two find themselves in the endzone before Zee was ready to start the game?

INTERCEPTION is a witty, hilarious follow up to the 2020 hit rom-com, FUMBLE, but can be read as a standalone novel in the Hall of Fame series.

What the Reviews Say

These 2 will keep you laughing out loud! If you want to laugh, swoon over the hot football players and fall in love this is the book for you.

A delightful story of a girl with walls mighty high and the football player who knocks them down. HEA!!

Funny, emotional, and full of playfulness. Snappy texts, snippy comments, and sassy passionate interludes. But will a one night stand become more?

Her parents were never there for her and so she doesn’t see how Coop could really want her. I loved how hard he works to get her to give him a shot and he is why I loved this story so much.

A HOT weekend fling and both go their separate ways. Cooper has always been happy with his trail of flings and one night stands until Zee. Something about her makes him want more. Can Coop convince Zee to give him a chance at more than just being the baby daddy?