Atomic Angel: (An Astral Heat Romance: #3)

A rebel princess. A nuclear arsenal. And three galactic heroes hot enough to singe a cybergirl’s circuits.

In a race through space against five hundred sexed-up suitors, a galactic marriage contest is nearing its climax. Rebel princess Kaia defies centuries of tradition to choose not one match, but three to bring peace to her war-torn galaxy. Together, the space pirates’ hellraising head honcho, the ice-cold imperial enforcer who stalks him, and the galaxy’s most lethal telepath will rule at her side—and consummate their blazing passion in her bed. But Kaia’s tyrannical father, worshipped as a god by billions, views her unconventional choice as the ultimate betrayal.

In a universe where adversaries pretend to be allies and enemies turn into lovers, Kaia must defeat a cunning rival with a nuclear arsenal primed and pointed at her homeworld and enough atomic firepower to incinerate the galaxy she’s sworn to protect. Will the fragile trust growing between Kaia, Dex, Zorin, and Nero prove strong enough to avert the ultimate apocalypse? Will their risky alliance expose the secret truth to defeat her vengeful father? Or will he command his faithful fanatics to obliterate Kaia and all three of the men she loves?

Atomic Angel is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers, fast-burn poly sci fi romance/space opera with MM elements and Book 3 in the Astral Heat romance series. Laura Navarre delivers turbocharged outer space action with three bi heroes, a fearless heroine, a guaranteed happily-ever-after, and a whole lot of heat.

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