Alpha Dragon’s Nanny: A Dragon Shifter Romance (Billionaire Shifters’ Nanny Mates)

bOne advert in the paper and one reply brThats all it took to change two livesb brbr bJosselinbbr My life sucked with my familybr My parents died when I was young and I was left with my evil unclebr I needed to get away and one day I came across an ad for a nanny positionbr I liked kids and I liked the room and board that would come with itbr I really liked the chance to finally escapebr Once I got the job everything turned strangebr The little girl ran around pretending to be a dragon burning up and starting firesbr Her father was handsome making me forget it allbr A kiss changed my mind about possibilitiesbr A book full of journal entries told me the truthbr Antonio wasnt just a regular manbr He was something else something dangerous brbr bAntoniobbr Josselin was my assistants idea He was convinced that she was perfectbr And she wasbr Possibly she was a little too perfectbr Short sassy with an angelic face and a mind that turned me on instead of annoying mebr She was unlike anyone Id ever metbr But Josselin was humanbr Offlimitsbr I knew betterbr So why was it so hard to deny myself the pleasurebr And what pleasure it was brbr bThe council finds out about Josselin Antonio will have to keep Josselin safe from the council bent on killing her as well as herself Nothing will make him give her up Nothing Antonio would fight the world for herb

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