Alpha baby daddies who are sinfully hot and larger than life.

hot doctors, taboo older men, steamy paradise flings… oh, my!

Our recommended read for today,
November, 10th, 2019.

Oh, Daddy! Switch off the phone and lock the door… this is the perfect binge reading for your Sunday afternoon! Surprise Daddies: A Contemporary Romance Box Set is a spectacular collection of five of the best daddy-romances right now.

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Surprise Daddies: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

Don’t Miss This Collection of Five Hot Daddies, featuring a Brand New & Exclusive Surprise Baby Romance by Amazon Top 20 Bestselling Author, KC Crowne!

All five standalone full-length novels come bursting with alpha baby daddies who are sinfully hot, larger than life and protective of their special ladies.

Come ready to load up on hot doctors, taboo older men, steamy paradise flings, fantasy worthy fake fiancés, droll-worthy brother’s best friends and wild forbidden office flings… that somehow all end up with an adorable baby wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

Book 1 – Doctor Daddy, Amazon top 100 Bestseller
It was the perfect arrangement…
Three hot days and steamy nights in the city of love.
No strings attached. No phone numbers exchanged. No real names.

Book 2 – Taboo Daddy, Amazon top 20 Bestseller
15 years age gap?
It’s naughty.
It’s taboo.
It’s scandalous.
It’s…. happening.

Book 3 – Royally Damaged
I just met a goddess with a scheme I can’t refuse…
A week in paradise. Exploring the island. Exploring each other.
Sure, I’ll pretend she’s mine and make her ex pay.
I’ll do that and more.

Book 4 – Boss Man
Falling for my boss…again? Not wise.
I was already burned by Nick once.
But things get complicated when he pops the question.
It seems he’s in a predicament and I’m the only one that can help him get out. Too bad he broke my heart into shreds years ago.

Book 5 – Knocked Up by my Brother’s Best Friend, Brand New Brother’s Best Friend, Office Romance.
It’s been nine years since I laid eyes on my best friend’s sis.
Now, I can’t take my gaze or mind off her.
Even the sway of her hips leaves my mouth watering for a taste.
She works at my office and my mind’s filled with filthy thoughts.
It’s wrong…
Tempting as h*ll..
And forbidden.
But this little secret of ours can’t stay little for very long – when this wild office romance takes me to a sonogram appointment I’ll never forget.

This is a collection of 5 steamy standalone
romances. No cliffhanger, no cheating, plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA.

What the Reviews Say

Endless Daddies….yummy!.. Find a nice bottle of something, block out a few hours of “me time” and curl up with this set.

KC Crowne has just published a box of chocolates!! Each story is a unique flavor/hot guy—some with cream filling, others with nuts, all deliciously delightful! Each bite/book offers the reader a deliciously delectable reading experience—bingeing optional. I will enjoy every bite/book!

One hot doctor, an older man, pretend fiancé, a vacation surprise, and of course, a best friend’s brother, make each story completely different. I highly recommend these books.

I faked being sick at work so I could stay home and read this.

Knocked Up By My Brother’s Friend was a sweet and sexy book that was really entertaining. Stephanie and Jake were extremely likeable with fabulous chemistry.


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