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General Romance Edition for 2021-10-08

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Pick Me
(Sunday Brothers
Book 1)

The job at Sunday Orchard was supposed to be temporary.

A chance to gain some work experience. To have some fun. To get away from my overprotective brothers. To maybe, possibly encounter some lumberjacks in their natural habitat before moving on to the dream career that awaited me in the city.

I had not expected to be welcomed into a family of gorgeous and weirdly efficient lumberjack-types myself. Or to find a purpose in the tiny Vermont town whose claim to fame seemed to be apple-based products and copious amounts of charm.

And I most definitely hadn’t expected to fall for Knox Sunday, my grumpy, burly, fifteen-years-older, reluctant roommate, with his infuriating lectures, his hot-as-fire body, his superior attitude, his snarky humor, and his stealth cuddles.

Now I find myself making excuses to delay my big dreams… just for a little while.

But Knox has unfulfilled dreams of his own. A career he walked away from. A big city life in Boston he left behind when he returned to his hometown to help his family. He claims he’s not looking for anything permanent, and I’ve never been one to put down roots.

My big life is waiting for me somewhere other than Little Pippin Hollow. So why does it feel like I’ve finally found the home of my heart?

And how can I get Knox Sunday to… pick me?

Heat Level: 4

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Glacier: An Alien Warrior Romance

He is cold.

Both his personality and his skin.
When his icy gaze lands on me it freezes me temporarily, but the first time he touches me…
Sparks fly. Not the romantic kind.

The tattoos on his pale skin illuminate and they are brighter than the Northern Lights.
Then something in his eyes changes, making him less callous, less cold.
And making me hot.

He says he needs me for something important, something monumental, but I’m not easily swayed.
Even if he’s gorgeous and I do need his help.
I guess we’ll see if I can melt his heart before he chills me to the point of no return.

Heat Level: 4

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Hidden Blood:
A Paranormal & Urban
Fantasy Romance

Her sister vanished into the Human world, a dangerous place for an emerging mage. There’s only one Tracker who can help, but he’s the smouldering-hot vampire whose kiss she can’t forget.

I’ll do whatever it takes to find the sister I never knew I had and keep her far from our father’s evil ways.

For now, I’ll comply with his demands for my help and my silence. He wants me to secretly act as bait to find her and doesn’t think twice about sending me into harm’s way.

But I won’t be alone. Thorne, the broody, elusive and achingly hot Vampire, has been hired find her. He needs my blood to track her so I have to go too. We’ve been close before and I can’t resist wanting something more. The dangerous Human world has been forbidden to me until now, I’ll have to trust him with my life.

We’re forced to work together, secretly, to find her and rescue her, before she’s broken by demons or worse. Yet my intuition keeps insisting that the path ahead will come at a heavy cost for me and my magick.

Heat Level: 5

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Kelly: Dark Irish Mafia Romance
(O’Sullivan Brothers Book 2)

After my dad’s secrets and lies blow up in his face, he bargains with the only priceless gem he has . . . me. He practically gives me away to none other than Kelly O’Sullivan, a rough-talking mafia man he’s warned me about for years.

I’m infuriated I’ve been put in this dicey position. It’s my father who should pay the price for his double dealing, not me. It’s impossible. Kelly is impossible. He’s intimidating. Overbearing. Scary. Sexy. He dominates me from day one, taking a wrecking ball to my defenses and wreaking havoc with my desires.

I’m pretty sure I hate him. I definitely don’t trust him. But when the cartel makes it clear they want me too, what other choice do I have?

Heat Level: 5

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