All they have to do is fall in love.

Our pick of Sweet and/or Clean Romance for today,
September, 3rd, 2020.

Hysterically sweet, a delight: Purrfectly Matched: A Sweet Romantic Comedy is filled with laugh out loud moments and simply beautiful, sweet romance that you’ll adore. Add in a snarky cat who is intent on some matchmaking and it’s the purrfect read!

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Purrfectly Matched:
A Sweet Romantic Comedy

A contemporary riff on Puss in Boots featuring a fake relationship, a cinnamon roll hero and a very snarky cat.

They call me Boots. I’m a cat with a problem. See, I used to live in a mansion where I spent my days lounging on velvet pillows. But fate played a dirty trick and landed me in a dinky apartment with this guy Caleb Miller. He’s okay for a human, but he’s not rich. If I ever want to get back to the plush life I had before—the life I deserve—I’ve got to come up with a plan.

That’s where Victoria LeRoi comes in. She’s got plenty of money but no luck when it comes to love. Caleb’s been carrying a torch for her since high school. When he agrees to play her fake boyfriend for an upcoming wedding, I’m one happy cat. All they have to do is fall in love and my plan’s a success. They get each other and I get to live in the lap of luxury again.

If only they don’t let their fears get the best of them. If Victoria ’s creepy ex-boyfriend and her snotty cousin don’t tear them apart.

Humans have a terrible way of messing up a cat’s purrfect plans…

What the Reviews Say

A nice, romantic comedy that definitely has you laughing out loud. This story is written from 3 POV”s , Caleb’s, Victoria’s and Boots the cat. The story is well written, captivating and humorous. The characters are fun, enjoyable and well developed. A great read when you need an escape from every day life and a great comical pick me up read.

Who can resist a twist, some snark, or a cat with pizazz? Enjoyable from start to finish. You had me laughing as well as cheering for the cat!

Boots was devious, finding ways to get his humans to do what he wants, so he can live the life he’s become accustomed to. There were a lot of funny moments and great characters in this sweet romance.

I loved how the cat thought he was going to get the two humans together just so he would have a great home. I laughed throughout the whole book.

Purrfectly Matched is absolutely adorable. I loved that we not only see the romance between Victoria and Caleb unfold before us from their perspective but also Boots, a rescued cat who unfortunately has been let down by humans in the past. This was a quirky and fun story with lots of laugh out loud moments. Boots definitely stole the show!