All grown up: dangerous curves and smart mouth.

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January, 19th, 2021.

Irresistable chemistry, forbidden relationships. Christmas Secret Baby (Holiday Romances Book 4) is a sweltering enemies-to-lovers, brother’s best friend romance that will set your pulse racing and your ereader on fire.

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Christmas Secret Baby

I can think of better things Nadia could do with that mouth than argue with me.

Since she’s defending me in court despite the fact that we can’t stand each other.

Her brother is my best friend, and she’s always been his annoying little sister.
Now she’s all grown up, all dangerous curves and smart mouth.
She can help me beat this trumped-up lawsuit claiming I stole an app idea.
If we don’t strangle each other first.

Good news is, we found a way to get along.
Between the sheets.
Never mind that it violates attorney-client ethics.
Plus her brother would kill me.
The chemistry between us is so hot and so deliciously wrong.

Everything about this is guilty,
But I need her to prove I’m innocent.
She’s acting suspicious now though.

She has a secret that can make us all go down.