Alien Genie (Alien Abductors Book 6)

He can fulfill all my wishes.
So why won’t he break me out of this harem?

He’s an alien, but he’s also a genie, big and blue and with long, golden horns. He’s breathtaking and powerful and magical beyond anything I’ve ever seen. And he’s incredibly gifted in some interesting areas that make me dizzy with need.
Now he thinks I’ve betrayed him.
His yellow eyes pierce me from inside the cage. He’s furious, and I should run.
It’s just, this is a dangerous galaxy. And with him, I’m safe.
Safe from everyone but him.

The Earth female has betrayed me!
Nobody else knew I was here.

Now I’m locked up in a ridiculous cage and my magic has abandoned me.
After all the pleasure I gave her!
But it’s fine. I have remarkable powers. I will get my revenge on her.
And she’s so delectable, with her small, round body, that I know precisely what the revenge must be. Maybe she will enjoy it, too. She should.
It will be the last pleasure she’ll ever have.

Alien Genie is the sixth book in the Alien Abductors series of science fiction romance novels. The books are complete stories, but should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.

?Expect steamy scenes, mysterious aliens with features like adult toys, deadly planets and the love story between a girl from Earth and a sensationally hot alien with hidden talents!

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