Accidental encounters end up with passionate nights!

Our recommended read for today,
July, 18th, 2020.

Steamy romance ahead in Sarah J. Brooks’ latest book: Unexpected Heat. A single father with a young baby and the neighbor who becomes his nanny get closer than they’d first imagined. Sizzling single dad, fake-marriage, secret baby romance to make you smile.

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Unexpected Heat

My new neighbor is looking for a nanny. Cool. But what starts with accidental encounters in the bathroom, ends with passionate nights in his bedroom – and now we’re in a fake-marriage!

Brad is a fearless firefighter risking his life for
But he’s messed up when it’s about saving himself.
After his wife has left him heartbroken with a small child, he’s looking for a nanny.
I take the job because I need to pay my bills as my own demons are haunting me.
Everything seems to be going well until his ex comes back seeking sole custody for their son.
Brad’s lawyer advises him to show the judge a new wife so he can keep the baby.
Now we have to play pretend for 8 weeks until the trial is over.
But what starts as fake, soon becomes very intense and real.
All of a sudden, I ask myself two critical questions:

What if Brad’s ex finds out everything is set up? And when should I tell Brad that the result of my pregnancy test is anything but fake?

What the Reviews Say

Unexpected Heat by Sarah Brooks is definitely a 5 star read and an absolute one clicker. This book grabbed my attention from the very beginning. I loved chemistry between the two main characters. The book has everything one needs for a 5 star read. A great plot, great characters, a bit of drama and some heat!

The characters and scenes are realistic and believable. I followed the characters fascinated as their personalities transformed and blended. The storyline is solid and well defined. Cold showers may be in order when your finished. Sarah J. Brooks did a remarkable job bringing this story together beautifully!

A captivating, heartwarming and steamy romance story one hot single dad, his adorable son and his artist neighbor who helped him to secure the safety and full custody of his son against his ex wife. A fake romance with a lot of steam and with a bit of suspense to put you on edge while reading, love it! Well done!

These two have so much chemistry and can not keep their hands off one another, needless to say, it kept my attention. This “fake” family soon became a real normal family! There is some drama in the form of their exes, who want to make trouble and they are successful because Mila and Brad want to keep their feelings secret.Overall, Sarah has another winner on her hands. She is definitely a one click author… Buy This Book!

Easy fun read!! This was a hot story between firefighter Brad and Mila, a talented artist. This single dad has meet his match in the gorgeous new neighbor next door. With meddlesome ex-spouses, friends and family definitely up the fun on this wild ride between Brad and Mila!