A stern demeanor and a hard hand.

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January, 7th, 2021.

Fabulously naughty and available for no cost today: Philip’s Rules (Bridal Discipline Book 1) Steamy regency romance that’s hotter than you can imagine… and we can imagine a lot!

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Philip’s Rules (Bridal Discipline Book 1)

Pride and Prejudice meets Fifty Shades of Grey in this steamy tale of a stern lord and his new wife…

Widowed and desperate, Cordelia Astley knows the Marquess of Dunbury didn’t marry her for love, but once they’re married, she finds herself falling in love with him. It would be a fairy tale ending if not for her wicked stepdaughter, Gabrielle.

Philip desires nothing more than a happy marriage and, at first, his new wife is perfect – except that she allows her stepdaughter to denigrate and manipulate her. His method of correction for both Cordelia and Gabrielle isn’t what either lady expected, but Cordelia finds confidence in his support and care of her… unfortunately, Gabrielle appears determined to drive a wedge between them.

What the Reviews Say

Philip wants what his friends have a love match! This is something that is almost unheard of in Victorian England. Philip and Cordelia begin their life together with some sexy hot discipline! This story and the characters are so engaging.

Unlike many others writing in this genre, Golden includes a storyline to go with the steamy encounters.

Great characters and a wonderful storyline kept me reading and enjoying every word. Now I really want to read the next book. I’ve always enjoyed these kinds of books set in this time period. I’m looking forward to reading more!! I would definitely recommend!!

This author does romance well. There is also a lot of sex. Those are two good reasons to enjoys this series of books.

You know you’ve read a great book when you don’t want it to end and you want to re read it. This is the first book I’ve read by Golden Angel and it was marvelous. Beautifully written, erotic, and a couple that has and underlying love and respect for one another.