A seductress bent on revenge?

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
April, 28th, 2021.

Dark, fiery-hot, historical romance freebie: A Courtesan’s Submission, Part 1 is a steamy historical romance and not for the faint of heart. If you like bold characters, intriguing settings, and dark torment, then delve into Em Brown’s scorching tale of wicked passion.

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A Courtesan’s Submission, Part 1:
A Dark Historical Romance


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Can a former intelligence officer for His Majesty’s Army take on a seductress bent on revenge?

Liverpool, 1787, is a place where few abolitionists dare to tread.

But Georgette Bailey, a beautiful and scandalous courtesan, uses bedroom blackmail to both support the abolition movement and exact revenge upon the four slave traders who wronged her. But when she sets her sights on an officer of His Majesty’s Army as her next target, she doesn’t expect to find a man who can match her in every way, especially her darkest desires.

Colonel Bartholomew Hensley served with distinction in the Revolutionary War, particularly in the area of intelligence and information gathering. Duty bound to help a friend of the family, he agrees to wrest from Miss Bailey a most salacious journal that could be used to ruin the reputation of no fewer than four respected gentlemen of Liverpool.

But the sultry seductress is no common courtesan.

Colonel Hensley’s efforts to secure the journal will thrust them into a dark and forbidden place that will most certainly lead to their destruction.

What the Reviews Say

An enjoyable erotic tale of love,lust, and Submission. Geogette is a Courtesan who has several admission of high profile men. She blackmail them by using her beautiful looks. Colonel Bartholomew is task to get those admission. He will have a fun time getting her to yield. Can’t wait to read more from this series.

This was a wonderfully erotic, captivating read full of action. A simply marvellous read and I cannot recommend it enough.

Ms. Brown has again offered her readers a very naughty but very nice book. I really enjoyed reading this one the main characters were wonderful.

I love historical romances and Em Brown adds the spice. It’s a raunchy read and I loved it.

I love Em Brown’s books; they’re always well-written! Anything historical English and super sexy is at the top of my ‘to read’ pile. All her books have witty and interesting characters, actual story lines and creative erotic scenes. ::wink, wink:: Yes, it’s a detailed novel about power dynamics with vivid play by play action, which, if you read her work, you’re into that.