A love interest he never expected.

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March, 16th 2021.

Rock star Sebastian Moore has it all, but something has always felt missing in The Life We Wanted. That is, until he meets his fifteen-year-old son and the feisty, red-headed Tabitha Clarke. Now, he just has to figure out how to keep them in his life. An adorable, must-read, second chance, rock star romance.

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The Life We Wanted

“You have too many rules.”
“And you don’t have enough.”

Sebastian Moore thought he had it all.

A drumming gig with one of the world’s biggest up-and-coming stars. The looks and charm to get him any woman he laid his eyes on. All the friends he could ever ask for.

But something was always missing.

That is, until he receives a letter, telling him that he’s a father to a fifteen-year-old boy.

Now, with the addition of his son, a love interest he never expected, and a whole new set of responsibilities, Sebastian finds himself happier than he’s ever been.

But old habits die hard, and when life finally gives him everything he wanted, he’ll have to find a way to keep his past from ruining the present.

What the Reviews Say

“The Life We Wanted is a heartfelt journey of family and love with characters that feel real enough to touch. It’s heartwarming and unique and will stay with you long after it’s done.”
USA Today Bestselling Author, Dylan Allen

“This book has taken over my whole life and invaded every one of my thoughts.”
Goodreads reviewer, Chele

“Be prepared to have your heart handed to you by this book in a way that will make you smile and ache for more.” Award-winning author, LJ Evans

“The Life We Wanted is a true masterpiece and easily one of my top reads. This is a story that I will definitely be re-reading again and again.”
Goodreads reviewer, Jennifer

“Kingsley is headed for the bestseller list. The Life We Wanted will give you ALL the feels. To wrap it up in a nutshell, anyone who doesn’t read this book is truly missing out.”
Goodreads reviewer, Lyssa