A cursed princess, four dragon guards, and a hidden evil.

Will my heart withstand the heat of four dragon lovers?

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October, 15th, 2019.

Wow! What a combination: red hot reverse harem romance and an intoxicating fantasy world. Stone and Fire: A Romantic Fantasy will cast you under its sexy spell and just won’t let you go!

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Stone and Fire: A Romantic Fantasy (Magical Kingdoms Book 1)

A cursed princess, four dragon guards, and a hidden evil.

I’m Princess Maeve, the first in my family to have magic in four hundred years. But magic is forbidden and I’ve never been able to use it.

If I had been, I wouldn’t have needed rescuing by creatures of legend—dragons.

Now I’m in a tower, guarded by four of these beasts. But on the first full moon, I learn their secret.

When my dragon guards turn into men as gorgeous as they are dangerous, my feelings change. Suddenly I want more than just their protection. A lot more. And they want it too.

But beyond the bond forming between us, they need my help—my magic can break their curse.

If only I could discover the secret to my power.

Our world is under attack, and sinister forces are targeting me—and my dragons.

Can I brave the flames of the evil at the center of my kingdom—and will my heart withstand the heat of four dragon lovers?

Readers who loved The Cruel Prince and Five Hundred Kingdoms will dive into this world filled with magic, mysteries, betrayal, and a princess determined to save herself in new twist of fairy tales.

What the Reviews Say

Dragon shifters are officially my new favorite thing and the way Marie has written this truly amazing story is beyond fantastic. Maeve and her men are beautifully written and delivered to you, along with a magical world filled with fun and laughter as well as some heartache and tragedy. All of which is perfectly balanced.

If you’re looking for an action packed, pulse pounding, heart racing, mind blowing, adrenaline rush. Congratulations my friends you’ve found it.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! when you have books about dragons, magic and kingdoms. So if you like those types of books with a reverse harem added then read this book.

This paranormal storyline is well-written, the world-building is intriguing and the flow is perfectly and in keeping with the tale. Maeve is a wonderfully strong character that made you glad that you got to know her and the guys…..need I say hot, hot, hot!!!

I eagerly waited months for it to be released and it did not disappoint! It is an RH (Reverse Harem) novel which is totally my favorite and the heroine, Maeve, is one lucky lady! The book has magic, royalty, dragons, Fae, curses, mystery, and four yummy men to drool over!


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