She’s got one week to make the boss happy.

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June, 12th, 2020.

A hot little story that will leave you breathless… Breaking in Sally is a devilishly naughty read that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Be sure to download it today as it’s available right now for FREE!

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Breaking in Sally

Sally ran away from home out west to make her
fortune in gold country, and her first week in the
Bonanza Saloon is a steep sexual learning curve. She’s got one week to make the boss happy, and if she’s honest, she’s looking forward to round two with him.

A sexual awakening in an era where whores were commonplace entertainment and whisky ran freely among prospectors trying to make it rich.

This deliciously dirty tale of Sally’s first times, and her determination to make a name for herself at the Bonanza Saloon, is a sizzling start to the series.