Celebrating World Book Day 2020!

World Book Day might officially focus on young people, but at BrazenBookshelf we like to do things a little differently... We have a wonderful collection of romance ebooks that are available for FREE on March, 5th, 2020, World Book Day!

Browse our collection of romance, ranging from sweet to very, very naughty. All are available at no cost on World Book Day 2020 and some may be free for longer, but as always, check before you click!

Did you know?

This celebration of wonderful romance has helped contribute funds to BookAid.org!

Their vision of a world where everyone has access to the books that will enrich, improve and change their lives is exactly the kind of world we want too!

The bad boy might be her fated mate.

Our recommended read for today, September, 1st, 2020. Sensational shifter romance to devour. Conall's Mate: A Macconwood Pack Novel (The Macconwood Pack Novel Series Book 6) is...

Ruckus (SEAL Team Alpha Book 1)

Amazon AppleBooks Barnes & Noble GoogleBooks Kobo For U.S. Navy SEAL, Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper, going on a mission into the most dangerous place on earth wasn’t new, neither were...

Don’t read another page of romance until you read these.

<!-- Your recommended reads for today, January, 8th, 2020. A Box of Stolen Memories His care for her will involve many forms of discipline. When Lo mysteriously slips...

A Firefighter’s Luck: A Sweet Applewood Romance

A feisty single mom on her own. A firefighter with a rocky past. Can they lower their guard long enough to let love in? Luck...

Spring Romance: NINE Happily Ever Afters

Enemies to lovers. Second chance romance. Small towns. What happens when love blooms? We have NINE steamy books from bestselling authors to keep you company....

Between her Rock and a Hard Place: Daddy’s Taboo Secrets 3

I would do anything for Harrison Brig. He completes me in ways that no other man will ever be able to match.

But I never dreamed that I would cross this line.

I never suspected that a woman’s touch would win my mind – or my heart.

Besides, Harrison is all I’ve ever wanted. All I’ve ever needed.

So when he wants me to explore this new side of myself, I’ll happily surrender to his cravings.

Our cravings.

Because I’ve never been brave enough to experiment with something so forbidden. But if it brings me closer to Mr. Brig, then I’ll go down any road he desires.

Daddy’s Taboo Secrets will give you red-hot romance with the satisfying HEA that you’re looking for in each new story that gets released.

December 22nd

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Tangled Up in Ice

Reclusive billionaire + 24-year-old virgin + secrets = True love?? I have debts to pay and secrets to keep. When someone threatens my life, I...