Celebrating World Book Day 2020!

World Book Day might officially focus on young people, but at BrazenBookshelf we like to do things a little differently... We have a wonderful collection of romance ebooks that are available for FREE on March, 5th, 2020, World Book Day!

Browse our collection of romance, ranging from sweet to very, very naughty. All are available at no cost on World Book Day 2020 and some may be free for longer, but as always, check before you click!

Xtreme Measures (Xtreme Ops Book 5)

The mafia, a smuggling ring and the wilds of Alaska are no match for this special operative. But a brazen redhead might...

Curious (Curious Series Book 1)

There's always that one guy, right? So perfect he's guaranteed heartbreak. For Hailey, that's Jack. He's everything: handsome, athletic, kind. He's also...

Did you know?

This celebration of wonderful romance has helped contribute funds to BookAid.org!

Their vision of a world where everyone has access to the books that will enrich, improve and change their lives is exactly the kind of world we want too!

The Fairer Hex: A Paranormal Academy Series (A Witch Among Warlocks Book 1)

You're being redirected to your fantastic book! 😀 Blurb: So apparently my mom was a witch. And not just a witch, but a witch who turned...

Tell me to stop

I owe him a debt. The kind money can’t repay.

He wants something else: me, for one year.

But I don’t even know who he is…

365 days and nights doing everything he wants… except that.

“I’m not going to sleep with you,” I say categorically.

He laughs.

“I’m going to make you a promise,” his eyes challenge mine. “Before our time is up, you’ll beg me for it.”

Chasing the Duke: Steamy Second Chance Regency Romance

Amazon AppleBooks Barnes & Noble Kobo She’s not chasing a duke ever again.*Second chance*Best friend's little sister*Girl who has loved him forever*Duke who is just figuring it out...With...

Whip Smart (The Loft Book 1) by Siena Noble

You're being redirected to your fantastic book! 😀 Blurb: Escaping her past is hard. Falling in love is even harder... Teresa Bodnar is desperate for a fresh...


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Bryce (The Player Book 1)

Money, power, prestige...failure. Bryce Coulter is ... The Player. Don't call it a come back....Because no one else is. Poised to live up to his...

Redemption: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance

Every word on her pretty little lips is a lie.
I shouldn’t trust her, and she definitely shouldn’t trust me.
Why does it make me want her even more?

No one hides from me. Ever.
You’ve heard of me. A reputation as bad as mine travels a long way ahead of me.
And yes, every dark and twisted rumor is true.

She’s lying. It’s all over her beautiful face.
That doesn’t change the fact that I want to bury myself inside deep her.
And the pale pink blush that blooms in her cheeks when we meet?
I know better ways to make her hot and flustered.

I’ve been boss of this town for too long
Nothing happens without my say so. Whatever she’s doing, I’ll find out.

Even if I have to pull her secrets from her. One by one.

Run, little rabbit. Run far away and run fast.
Before the wolf catches you and tastes you. Because when I do, I will not let you go.

Weird & Wonderful Holiday Romance Anthology: 18 Holiday Themed Romances featuring unlikely and unusual holidays of all stripes.

Please choose your store: Blurb: Come celebrate the year with us! Helmed by USAT Bestselling Author Caitlyn Lynch, Eighteen authors explore several lesser-known holidays. Featuring sweet...