Strictly Business (The Loft Book 2)

Strictly Business (The Loft Book 2) by Siena Noble
Strictly Business (The Loft Book 2) by Siena Noble

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I broke his heart to try to save it, but only he can make mine whole again…

After agonizing months of suppressing her true feelings, it took one passion-filled night for Tera to realize that she was in love with her friend, the deliciously dominant Eric, a revelation that had her running scared. Months later, the two are closer than ever… and yet they couldn’t be further apart. Feeling that keeping both Eric and herself in the dreaded “friend-zone” is the only way to save him from worse pain, Tera throws herself into her work, determined to turn the club into the paradise she envisioned it as.

Ever since they met, Eric has only had eyes for Tera. Too stubborn to move on, he’ll take what he can get from the woman he’s fallen in love with. But he’s determined to be part of the happy ending he knows she deserves, even if she doesn’t believe it herself. But he didn’t count on the demons he’d conquered years ago coming back to haunt him…

When a wealthy and mysterious patron turns up at the club with a tempting offer and eerie reminders of her past, Tera must confront her deepest fears. But it’s not just her heart that’s at stake. Friendships will be tested, limits will be pushed, and Tera will have to decide between taking a chance on love, and letting go of Eric forever…