Deadly: A Dark Romantic Thriller (The Agency Book 4)

Deadly: A Dark Romantic Thriller (The Agency Book 4) by Sansa Rayne
Deadly: A Dark Romantic Thriller (The Agency Book 4) by Sansa Rayne

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“To keep her safe, I’ll make her deadly.”


Punching out a creep in a bar, Daisy Simmons picks a fight with the wrong people: a ruthless human trafficker and his vicious son. They’ve called me, their expert assassin, to “handle” her. Eliminating rival criminals has made me wealthy and quelled my thirst for vengeance, but I have rules: I don’t kill the innocent.

To keep Daisy alive, I have only one choice: take her captive and hide her in my dungeon. To save her, I must learn her secrets. She’s buried her past, and I have to know why. Who is she? Why does she look familiar? How did she become so irresistibly feisty? Why isn’t she more afraid of me?

Refusing to despair, she fights me constantly, torn between needing and hating me. Captivity awakens her dark, deviant hungers – her need to be dominated and used. Beautiful and twisted, she sates my desires like no one else ever could. There’s far more to her than what’s on the surface, and I’m going to uncover everything.

My bosses want Daisy dead, but I can’t keep her locked away forever. Protecting her means taking drastic measures: betrayal, deception… even training Daisy to kill…

“The Agency taught me to survive – and I will.”


My life was a mess long before I stood up to the infamous Burke crime family, but I don’t regret it, not even when their hired gun comes for me. When Frost breaks into my home, I expect to die – not to be imprisoned without any hope of escape, at his mercy and stripped of my dignity.

He punishes my resistance with cruelty and humiliation, but I can’t give in. I won’t accept my fate. I’m not defenseless – and I have friends. The women of the Agency prepared me for the worst. They’re out there, and they’ll find me – if they discover I’m missing in time. I can’t count on it – I must fight for my life, no matter how I feel about Frost.

He’s caring and kind for a sadistic killer, with heart-stopping looks and a godlike physique. I can’t ignore my body’s primal response to being owned by him. He infuriates me and excites me, stoking my endless carnal passion. And when he teaches me to fight, he reminds me who I really am: a conqueror.

I’ll find a way out of here. I’m not afraid of anyone, and Frost’s making me more dangerous every day. We will face a cunning enemy, but together we are unstoppable…

Publisher’s note: “Deadly” is a dark, romantic thriller with explicit sexual content, no cliffhangers, no cheating and a HEA. It contains material some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised. All books in “The Agency” series can be read as standalone stories without reading any others.