The Deep End (Island Resort Book 2) by Jason Collins

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The quarterback got the touchdown, but I got the rubdown.

A star football player is our VIP guest, and I’ve got stars in my eyes when he comes into my spa. He’s the hero of his team, so they’re giving him the time of his life, and it’s my job to handle him. Pampering one hunky athlete? Yeah, I’m definitely qualified.

I thought he was straight, but he’s making me curious when he tells me he’s bi. When I get a handful of Theo, it isn’t long before he’s filling more than my hands, and this quarterback knows his way around the field.

I’ll give him the vacation of a lifetime—if his teammates don’t get in the way. My spa offers pure relaxation, if you don’t count the treasure hunt, our rivalry with the other resort, and the occasional surprise adult toy someone finds.

He’s not playing games, but he’s putting me on the bench.

The more Reid rubs me down, the more tension builds up.

The big game is over, and now it’s time to relax in style. Just when I thought this resort couldn’t get any better, in walks the spa director. He’s slender, sassy, and he’s got my full attention.

He thinks a guy like me doesn’t play for his team, so to speak, but he’s wrong. Reid might be into yoga, but I’m about to show him how flexible I can be.

My team can be trouble, but nothing’s getting in the way of my good time with Reid. Not a mysterious adult toy, and definitely not some scandalous tape. Some of my teammates might be jealous, but as long as I’m here, Reid is my MVP.

He’s got a tight end, and I’ve got it covered.

This is the second book in the Island Resort series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Readers can expect a funny, spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes.