The Cowboy and His Runaway (Rock Springs Texas Book 1)

The Cowboy and His Runaway (Rock Springs Texas Book 1) by Kaci Rose
The Cowboy and His Runaway (Rock Springs Texas Book 1) by Kaci Rose

A small town in Texas, a girl on the run, and a sexy cowboy who won’t let her run again.

Unlike my momma, I never believed in fate. When a series of disastrous events caused me to run for my life, I went in search of sanctuary… not a hero. But when the sexy cowboy sauntered over to where I was hunkering in his barn, I took one look and found myself in the mood for a bareback ride. He proved chivalry wasn’t dead by taking me in and vowing to protect me. Still, I live in fear that my past will follow me here. The farm gates may hold in bulls, but they won’t keep out the danger stalking me.

Of all the critters I’ve found in the barn, a curvy blonde with sparkling eyes was by far the most appealing. Then I saw the bruises. Filled with a protective rage, I vowed to myself no one would ever harm her again. Here in the small town of Rock Springs, Texas we believe family always has each other’s back. In that moment, she became mine. I’ll care for her, keep her safe, and show a little southern justice to anyone who dares threaten her. In the meantime, I find myself irresistibly drawn to her. Texas days may be hot, but things get even steamier after dark.

Slide into the saddle and gallop into this sizzlin’ cowboy romance set in the kind of small town that treasures porch swings and sweet tea!

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