Suddenly Daddy (Close Quarters Book 1)

Suddenly Daddy (Close Quarters Book 1) by Jason Collins
Suddenly Daddy (Close Quarters Book 1) by Jason Collins


Falling for my nanny is the last thing I need.

I never expected to be a father—until I inherited Grace. Now I’m in over my head. I want to be the adoptive dad she needs, but my busy career and the scars from my past are getting in the way. That’s why I hired Presley.

A nanny was supposed to simplify things, but Presley is complicated. He’s a natural with Grace, and he’s more than just gorgeous—he’s the first man I’ve ever wanted. I think I’m falling for him, but a secret from his past could threaten our future together. Even so, he may be the one temptation I can’t resist.

Presley has simultaneously made things easier and harder.


Falling for a straight man is such a bad idea.

I’m nannying to cover the cost of grad school, but the more I get to know Grace, the more I think this isn’t just a job. I enjoy being a caregiver, and not just because her dad is a brilliant photographer—and the most striking man I’ve ever met.

I can’t keep my mind off Justin, but there are two problems: he’s never been with a man before, and he’s my boss. To make matters worse, I’m haunted by the secret that made me leave my old life behind, and it might ruin things for all of us. But I’m already falling for him, and I can’t keep letting my past decide my future.

Maybe it’s finally time for me to stop running.

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