Royally Charmed: A Royal Bad Boy Shifter Romance

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But I’ll be her protector even if it kills me.

I’ve been accused of murder.
One I didn’t commit.

And now the alluring, human witch investigating the crime has my Lion dying to claim her.
The one female who is off limits to me.

I’m Alpha of the Pride, heir to the Lion Throne.
I can have any Lioness for my queen, so why am I so hungry for a taste of the forbidden priestess?

That she challenges me only makes me want her more.

But now she’s missing. Another witch, taken by the murderer.
I will do everything in my power to find her and protect her from him.

She’s mine now.

Lion shifters are the worst. They act like women are possessions to be captured, broken and bred.
The only reason I allowed him close was a case of mistaken identity.

I thought he was a friend but find out he’s the enemy.
A royal shifter, heir to the throne, who has been lying this entire time.

But I wasn’t expecting my body to recognize him, and want him this badly.
His only crime… destroying my walls and stealing my heart.

And now the real killer is after me.
He mutilated those witches and now he’s come for me too.

I must escape.
And discover, once and for all, the secrets of my past.

Before it’s too late.


You’ll love this suspenseful, paranormal romance, filled with mystery to keep you guessing,
because who doesn’t love a crime to solve, secrets to uncover, and a sizzling, happy ending.

Get it now.

Publisher Note: This is a paranormal, romantic suspense story and the First Book in the Royal Bad Boy Shifter Series.
This is also Part One of The Royal Lions Duology (Part Two – Royally Betrayed – will be released this Fall).

All stories in the Royal Bad Boy Shifter Series are 18+ with a happy-ever-after ending and no cheating, and can be read as standalone.