Our attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable and don’t even get me started how good he is in bed…

Our attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable and don’t even get me started how good he is in bed…

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
May, 30th, 2019.

He’s a marine, she’s a counselor. But five years ago, they were more: lovers. Just Another Chance is a second chance, secret baby romance filled with an emotional plot that will take you on a journey. Combined with explosive scenes of naughty romance, this is one you’ll want to start reading today.

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Just Another Chance

Rafe Buchanan – 6’3’’. Hard muscle. Marine MP. My brother’s best friend. And the guy who took my innocence five years ago!

Also the guy who gave me the most precious gift ever – my daughter (well, our daughter I should be saying).  

Did I tell you he kinda left me, asking me to move on?

So, that’s what I did.

I moved on to study further, to raise my child and to work with the Marines.

Everything is going great until…

Rafe shows up at my clinic.

He’s seeking a cure for PTSD, and I’m his counselor.

It’s totally f*ck*d up, right?

Once again, our attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable and don’t even get me started how good he is in bed.

I want him so bad, but can’t let him know about our daughter.

There’s no way our relationship could work.

They say war is hell, but isn’t love a torture!

What the Reviews Say

I rarely give Coveted 5 STAR ratings; they’re saved for Books/Items that Outshine, Outclass, & Outperform their competition… They’ve gotta give me something MORE! Katy Kaylee’s won that Distinction for “Just Another Chance!” Kudos Ms. Kaylee for this Stellar work!!

Just Another Chance was a beautifully written second chance romance about Summer and Rafe who have known each other forever and Summer has always had a secret crush on Rafe. Rafe is Summer’s brothers’ best friend, but this isn’t your typical brothers best friend bro code romance, it’s so much more.

Highly emotional story. At times, I had to walk away because I felt the hurt and heartbreak in these characters. I didn’t understand the decisions each made but getting the dual POV definitely helps clear some fog up. Summer’s brother Gavin and his girl are very important secondary characters. I have cried many happy and a whole bunch of sad tears for this story. Proof that 2nd chances are well worth taking because you never know what cause will effect.

There are some ups and downs, feels of betrayal, forgiveness, growth, and ultimately a HEA that is wonderfully written for these two people who belong together.

This book will touch the reader in so many ways. It was so good, the characters so loving and honorable, and their story so emotional. If you read no other book, make sure you get this one! It’s beautifully done and will pull you right into the story from the very first page.


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