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August, 26th, 2019.

Turn Up The Heat

She’s far above my pay grade, but I’m always ready for a challenge where a woman is concerned.
Unfortunately, my military past haunts me, waking me up late in the night, causing my world to spin in vicious cycles.
But it’s under control, or so I thought.
The guys at the firehouse aren’t buying my “everything is good” bullshit.
All I want is peace. But it evades me.
Until her.
She’s the cure I’ve been looking for, and the poor beauty is unaware of the fact that she’s going to be mine.
No questions asked. No denials accepted.
And when I start after her, she’s quickly consumed in the heat of our connection.
I just need to shake the past and focus on the future.
Our future.
It’s time to forget my burdens and turn up the heat.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Billionaire’s Curvy Miracle

An Older Man Younger Woman High Heat BBW Billionaire Romance


I was weeks away from taking a vow of celibacy when I received notice that I won a spot on the famous reality show– Billionaire Fantasy.

It’s the last chance I’m taking for love.

Now I’m spending 3 days in a beach house built for love and my roommate is the tech billionaire Noah Alexander.

The way he looks at me has caught me off guard.

He says he has long term plans for me.
Will I take my vows or end up pregnant with Noah’s babies?


I was just here to have fun.
Not fall in love.

But Miracle Vega is not the kind of girl you spend only 3 nights with. I always get what I want and I’ve never wanted someone the way I want her.

Her curves have me under their spell and I’m filled with the pure need to show Miracle just what I can do.

? Heat Level 5

Choose your Heat!
? Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
? Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
♥️ Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
? Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!


Alex is taking her sisters and their kids to her camp in the Adirondacks when the unthinkable happens. The country is being attacked and they must seek immediate shelter. Greeted by guns and bullets when they try to find refuge, they hide in a cave to avoid the fallout.

When her sisters leave to look for their husbands, Alex is left to care for the kids. It’s a 35-mile hike to her camp through villages that have become killing fields. Alex rescues two children orphaned by the violence.

Society is devolving.
Looters, rapists, and killers are in control.
Her life is changed forever when she stumbles on a cache of food only to discover its owner is a man who’ll haunt her nightmares: half guardian angel, half demon.

Both barbarian and benefactor. A strange mixture of brutality and gentleness, cruelty and caring. A man named Wolf!

♨️ Heat Level 4

Knocked Up by the Mob Boss: A Dark Mafia Romance (Levushka Bratva)

They’re coming to take her baby. They’ll have to kill me first.

She’s an innocent maid.
I’m a ruthless Bratva boss.
She says she wants nothing to do with me.

But in my world, when I want something, I take it.
And I want her.

The problem is, Zoya is hiding a terrible secret:
A baby in her womb that was never meant to be.

And I’m not the only one who knows.

Our enemies are coming.
To hurt her.
To ruin me.

What they don’t know is this:
I’ve found what I want in this world.
And they’ll have to kill me to take it.

A poor housemaid becomes the center of a brutal Bratva war when she learns she is carrying a mob boss’s baby in this standalone, bad boy mafia heist romance from author Nicole Fox. In the midst of fighting off a savage betrayal, Aleksandr falls for the wrong girl – and has to decide where his loyalties truly lie. Can he save his family and protect his woman at the same time?

? Heat Level 5

The Deep End

The quarterback got the touchdown, but I got the rubdown.

A star football player is staying at our luxury island resort. I thought he was straight, but he’s making me curious when he tells me he’s bi.

When I get a handful of Theo, it isn’t long before he’s filling more than my hands.

He’s not playing games, but he’s putting me on the bench.

? Heat Level 5

Royally Charmed


But I’ll be her protector even if it kills me.

I’ve been accused of murder.
One I didn’t commit.

And now the alluring, human witch investigating the crime has my Lion dying to claim her.
The one female who is off limits to me.

I’m Alpha of the Pride, heir to the Lion Throne.
I can have any Lioness for my queen, so why am I so hungry for a taste of the forbidden priestess?

That she challenges me only makes me want her more.

But now she’s missing. Another witch, taken by the murderer.
I will do everything in my power to find her and protect her from him.

She’s mine now.

♨️ Heat Level 4

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? Heat Level 5


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