This gorgeous, complicated grump plays for keeps.

Smouldering romance: this gorgeous, complicated grump plays for keeps.

Our recommended read for today,
August, 4th, 2019.

From Wall Street Journal best selling author, Nicole Snow, No Good Doctor is your next must-read. Two hearts on the line and a whole town’s fate. A badass vet slays he demons, saves pets, and makes the firefly he swore he’d never chase his. Full length romance with a HEA worth the purrs and wagging tails.

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No Good Doctor

Dashing. Jacked. Bad tempered. My new boss, everybody.

Now what’s the cure for smitten?

Pinch me. I can’t believe I’m working under him.
Dr. Gray Caldwell. Hottest, swooniest, stormiest bachelor ever.
Insanely tall. Unfair perfection. Intimidating abs and X-ray glares.
Doc puts the animal back in veterinarian.

My dream job should be all puppies and kittens.
Turns out, my new boss hates three things:
1. Small town drama. Baby, we’ve got tons.
2. Pets in distress – and he’s their hero every time.
3. Anybody poking around his past. Like me. 
Oh, crud.

But how could I resist the best mystery in Heart’s Edge?
I wish I had. Unraveling Gray is a dangerous game.
One wrong move could end our little town.
Plus this gorgeous, complicated grump plays for keeps.

I barely recognize the man he becomes vowing to protect me.
A beastly shield who sets every rule on fire.
Then one stolen, five alarm kiss sends my whole world spinning.
Hello, trouble. Farewell, sanity.
What if it’s not the good doctor who claims me – but the bad one?

What the Reviews Say

Yes please~ can I have some more? Oooh! Grey and the not so innocent Ember are the perfect duo for this intricate suspense building; heat fueled race towards justice, redemption, lust, love, and one helluva HEA! Talk about a book I could not put down!

Completely original, totally captivating storyline that will hook you from the start! Raw temptation, intense and explosive.

The HEA was as triumphant as it was cathartic, and left me with a huge book hangover. This book is more than just a snack or even a delectable dessert; it’s a full-course buffet of heat, humor, and heart that you’ll want to settle in for and savor every delicious bite.

An amazing story of secrets, heart pounding suspense and chaos that will ultimately leave you gasping for air.

I have read several books written by Nicole Snow, but this one just captured my attention, emotions, and my heart.I loved the double POV, it made the reader aware of each characters thinking. There was lust, love, mystery, suspense, true friendship, danger, and eventually a perfect HEA.


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