He knows that he has to have her. No matter what it takes.

He knows that he has to have her. No matter what it takes.
He knows that he has to have her. No matter what it takes.

He knows that he has to have her. No matter what it takes.

Our recommended read for today,
August, 11th, 2019.

Dark, raw and dangerously enticing: Arkady Possessive will take you hostage and won’t let you go – not that you’d want to leave anyway. This breathtaking romance will satisfy your reading addiction.

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Arkady Possessive (Bad Russian Book 2)

She is the reason that I am a man. 

The moment Arkady sees the lovely intern in the shadows, as soon as he catches the wet spark in her eyes and the slow peel as her lips pull apart, he knows that he has to have her. No matter what it takes. 

But he is in enemy territory.

Innocent and pure Saskia will never trust a man, but the feelings stirred up by the powerful Russian are too strong to be denied.

He shows her his raw strength, and he seems determined to protect her, but how can she believe him?

This steamy, fast and sizzling hot, insta-love romance has pent-up passion and fulfillment of raw, surging need, enough to burn a vault of secrets. 

There’s no cheating and a Happy Ever After Ending guaranteed to leave you breathless, hot, and drenched.


What the Reviews Say

A fast paced insta love story about Arcady Pasternak and his queen, Saskia. It is full of steam, lust, danger, suspense, it’s passionate and raw. I loved the story, the style and the characters. Definitely recommend this one. Grab it quick.

The main characters chemistry is intense, white hot and explosive. The characters personalities are well balanced and blended with enough spice to add a little flavor to the mix.

If you like older man/younger woman romance reads, you will enjoy this book. I really liked Arkady and Saskia. They were interesting, well-developed characters with chemistry.

An incredible and delicious reading experience awaits you within these pages. Alice takes you on a wild ride.

A quick and hard hitting book filled with so much steam. Of course there is tons of drama and intrigue that unfolds throughout these superbly designed book but the way this man loves.. We all want that. Another Must Read Release.


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