Feel the strength of a Russian man who knows exactly how to take what he wants.

Feel the strength of a Russian man who knows exactly how to take what he wants.

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
July, 19th, 2019.

He knows exactly what he wants, and he doesn’t ask… he takes. Alexandr Obsessed is a sinfully hot mafia romance with the growliest alpha and the darkest of intense, passionate romances. Ms Ball has certainly done it again!

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Alexandr Obsessed:
Obsessive older man younger woman insta-love romance
(Bad Russian Book 1)

If only he knew!

When wealthy, powerful Alexandr sees Cate, the fresh and innocent American art student, he knows at once that he must have her, whatever it takes. He will make her his, teach her for the first time what it means to feel the strength of a Russian man who knows exactly how to take what he wants.

The first time Cate encounters Alexandr, his power and his huge, gorgeous body make her tremble, fearful.
Unsure how to respond to the strong man’s insistent demands, she is reluctant to trust him and give in.

When she learns how raw, passionate, and determined he is to protect her and give her everything she needs in the long, blue nights, Cate starts to wonder what it might be like to feel the Russian oligarch’s power.

This steamy, fast and sizzling hot, insta-love romance has pent-up passion and fulfillment of raw, surging need, enough to start a forest fire. There’s no cheating and a Happy Ever After Ending guaranteed to leave you breathless and drenched.

What the Reviews Say

This older man younger woman romance has it all and will have you cheering for our main characters. Alexandr and Cate keeps this story lively with their drama. Alexandr is obsessed with Cate and nothing is going to get in his way of getting the woman he feels completes him. This reads like a fairytale that will touch your heart.

Obsessive older man younger woman insta-love is a fast steamy sizzling insta-lust story with Alexandr Roskovski and Cate Miller. It’s intense and full of emotion. Loved how raw and dark this story is and the style it’s written in. One click it for an intriguing read.

Alice presents another scorcher with this book! Great read with an interesting storyline! Alexandr and Cate have such great chemistry and an instant connection! Lovely Happily Ever After! Great flow and awesome characters. Not your typical Royal Romance book. Overall, a must read!

This is a very sizzling sexy book. Alexander is a very intense character. He makes things happen. Very take charge type of man.

Ms Ball does not disappoint. I started reading and I literally could not stop. My bad afternoon delight. Alexandr is so finely forceful and Cate realized running was futile. This is what all girls dream of , at least I do anyway. But this is a five star fairytale.


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