Fake nuptials. Real attraction. Love wasn’t a part of our deal…

Fake nuptials. Real attraction. Love wasn’t a part of our deal…

Our recommended read for today,
August, 1st, 2019.

Drama, intrigue and most of all, captivating romance: Let’s Pretend will have you gripped from page one and won’t let you go until the end. Another great romance from Natasha L. Black!

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Let’s Pretend

Fake nuptials. Real attraction.
S*x wasn’t a part of our deal…

I need a fake wife to protect my father’s legacy.
Kandice seems to be the just the right woman.
She’s fascinating.
Sweet… yet sexy.
Innocent but filled with secrets
.One of which could put her life at risk.
I’ll keep her safe even if it costs me millions.
She’s worth everything I’ve got.
Her intoxicating curves and those enchanting eyes.
I want her all for myself.
And I want to make this fake marriage real.
Even if that means fighting for her safety with my own blood.

What the Reviews Say

This was soo good!! It has a bit of everything. Tragedy, danger, need to escape, need of a spouse, an unconventional agreement, an undeniable chemistry, an unexpected return, an unexpected love.

Natasha L. Black is a go-to author for me when I want yummy fun romance, and Let’s Pretend is a perfect example of why this is so.

The story is seamless in its telling, profound in its delivery, and incredibly moving. The characters are gritty and real…the situations alarming and believable. I was completely captivated from beginning to end!! You care about the characters and want a satisfying outcome….and, make no mistake, you will get it!!!!

I loved Kandice and Giovanni, they were hot together, and their story had enough danger, suspense and romance to keep me happy.

Excellent contemporary Italian billionaire romance with intrigue and suspense. The characters were entertaining and enjoyable as was the storyline.


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