Everything he does in life, he does hard.

When a man like Hammer nails you, he nails you hard.

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
August, 30th, 2019.

Entirely dark and wholeheartedly naughty: Hammer: A Dark Romance . They call him Hammer for a reason… and he’s every bit as hard as you’d expect. Your new, favorite book boyfriend is a very growly alpha!

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Hammer: A Dark Romance

When a man like Hammer nails you, he nails you hard.


That’s what his old military buddies call him, and after a night with him I can see how he earned the nickname. He’s a trained killer turned MMA fighter, and everything he does in life, he does hard. In the ring, he hits hard. In bed, well… what he does there is hard too. Long and hard.

I thought he’d lose interest in me once we hooked up, but when my corrupt cop ex-boyfriend and this thugs try to kill us both, Hammer decides I need his protection… whether I like it or not. It turns out his idea of keeping me safe is dragging me out to some cabin in the middle-of-nowhere mountains and spanking me until I’m sore and sorry and soaked whenever I dare to disobey him.

I just hope he’s ready to give it to the bad guys half as rough and hard as he gives it to me.

Publisher’s Note: Hammer includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

What the Reviews Say

Jazz and Jake have a chemistry like no other. These two are hot and heavy from the get go.

Yet again, Renard gives an ending that is unexpected, and extremely satisfying.

Omg I was in the edge of my seat while reading this fast paced suspense thriller by the Queen of Dark & Sexy. This was about a complicated young woman with low self esteem who meets up with an ex military guy with a hero complex. The events that being them together are scary and at the same time, realistically portrayed.

“Hammer” is a fast-paced gritty action romance. That hooks you with the steamy love scenes and keeps you with the action and suspense.

This addictive narrative is a really exciting, terrifying adventure starting in the city and moving, because of necessity, into the wilderness. It involves overcoming negativity, evil associates and murder. Love, brotherhood and deep abiding friendship abound. What will we do to help those we love? Anything we can!


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