Can she trust her heart when she still hasn’t made up her mind about the world around her?

Can she trust her heart when she still hasn’t made up her mind about the world around her

Our pick of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance for today,
August, 12th, 2019.

A smoulderingly sexy box set not to be missed: Wolves of West Valley Box Set is a truly captivating shifter romance series that’s full of danger, adventure and love. Release your inner beast with this one!

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Wolves of West Valley Box Set

Another boring gig in another small town. Willow’s job as a reviewer of resorts leads her to West Valley where s simple write-up leads to a world of mystery and betrayal.

The only person she can trust is Carter, a badass wolf shifter. It turns out that Willow plays a larger role in this community than anyone expected.

Can she trust her heart when she still hasn’t made up her mind about the world around her?

What the Reviews Say

This is a complicated box set about a pack that is going through a tragic time. While reading these book you will read about murder, prejudiced, self doubt and a who lot of action. I can promise that it is a well rounded out set and it was a joy to read.

This is a fantastic box set of wolf shifters that have the male shifters finds their mates. Some have had a hard life and the males want to make it better. In some instances there are murders to solve and prejudices to overcome in the town. All in all a great set.

What an awesome collection of books. I enjoyed the flow of the story and the charisma of the characters. Let’s face it, shifters are always super hot and intense and the women who love them need to be strong and independent with a willingness to bend. I really liked the suspense throughout the series as well as how the community drew together in order to overcome the threats facing them. This is well written and the more I read from Ms Stone, the bigger fan I become.

Great box set! Each book is the story of a shifter and his mate. The ups and downs that lead them each to a HEA. Acton, suspense and romance fill each one. When you finish one, you will immediately pick up the next. I recommend this for all shifter lovers.

This is by far one of my favorite box sets my Ms Stone. I love her writing. Her stories are refreshing and are written with a riveting complexity that’s captivating and easy to follow. Plenty of strong men and their mates with mystery, intrigue, romance and heat to keep you long reading into the night.


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