The problem? He’s twice my age, and my teacher.

The problem? He’s twice my age, and my teacher.

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
July, 31st, 2019.

Extremely taboo and entirely engrossing, The Ex’s Daddy is a forbidden romance that’s sinfully good. Her teacher… her ex’s dad? Oh, my!

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The Ex’s Daddy
(Forever Daddies Book 2)

Professor Hot Stuff is going to be mine! Yes!

Drew Richards is everything you would want in a man – enigmatic, alpha, hard, powerful, compassionate…

The perfect man to lose my V-card to.

The problem?

He’s twice my age, and my teacher.

Yet, I am addicted to him.

Everything’s going perfect until the day,

I walk into his kitchen wearing nothing but a towel…

And I’m introduced to his son.

His son….my ex!

Umm…Did I tell you I’m carrying Professor McS@xy’s baby!

What the Reviews Say

I love the interdiction of this story and the way the characters cast caution to the wind to satisfy their hunger for each other. Their story was intriguing and had drama, but that’s what made them riding the edge of what could be their downfall so interesting throw in a ex and be prepared for the fallout.

Victoria just blew me away with this baby and all its glory. The interaction, the sizzling chemistry, the heart pounding and riding a razors edge.

It is beautifully written with a well-developed consistent engaging plot that is witty, exciting, very interesting, and will grip you from beginning to end. It is an emotionally deep read with family drama and ups and downs. The characters are intriguing; Sunny and Drew are in a taboo relationship (student/professor, older man/younger woman, ex boyfriend’s father); the chemistry between them is instant, potent, and hot; the sex scenes are sizzling.

Taboo to some but the instant attraction between the professor & his much younger brightest student could not be denied. The fact that he took her (she asked him) as a virgin when she’d dated his estranged son for two years just added to their complex relationship but can they overcome the “norm” & their many other issues to find their hea? Can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Be ready to be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride. This book is full of twists and turns. This books takes place at college where you know anything can happen. Sunny and Professor have a moment and the fireworks are off the charts. I really enjoyed reading this book.


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