At the Academy of the Gods, winner takes all and the games are about to begin.

At the Academy of the Gods, winner takes all and the games are about to begin.

Our pick of Reverse Harem Romance for today,
July, 30th, 2019.

When you combine Reverse Harem romance with the wonder of mythology, Gods and Goddesses, then you’re going to have something spectacular. Dark Gods is exactly that! A kick-ass and steamily naughty romance that will have you addicted to the entire series.

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Dark Gods
(Academy of the Gods Book 1)

At the Academy of the Gods, winner takes all and the games are about to begin.

The name’s Kore, daughter of Demeter, crown goddess of spring, but you can call me Kory.

Along with my invitation to attend the elite Olympus Academy where all the top deities send their brats for training, comes the news that I’m betrothed to Hades, tall, dark and brooding god of the underworld. 

I’d much rather be Queen Bee of my girl gang back home, slinging Panaceas to spoiled rich Olympians, but I have three years to enjoy my life before I’m ruling the denizens of hell at Hades’ side and I refuse to waste it making him look good. 

Turns out, my betrothed has a gang of his own. The Triad, made up of Hades, Loki and Fenrir, rules the school and they expect me to bow down like everyone else.

Sure, Janus. Cue eyeroll.

The three of them share everything, and when I humiliate Hades my first night at the Academy by making the tiniest immortal faux pas, their lust turns to cruelty and they start to edge in on my side hustle, but that’s fine with me. Four can play at that game.

This is the first book in the Academy of the Gods series, a Paranormal Bully Academy Romance. Slow burn, all characters are 18+.


What the Reviews Say

I’m an urban fantasy (really any kind of fantasy) and paranormal fiction junkie. As such, I’m always on the look out for a new (or new to me) author who shows real talent. I’ve read three books by River Ramsey at this point, and it’s clear to me that this author definitely fits into that category.

I love when a book surprises me. I’m a sucker for a bully romance and this one didn’t disappoint in the least. On top of that deliciousness, this is a retelling of Hades and Persephone. Greek mythology, Norse gods, and reverse harem? I’m here for it.

This was an awesome start to a new series and such a twist on mythology!

The gods and goddesses in this book are on different timelines and not how you know them to be. I enjoyed all of the twists and turns, secrets, snarky banter, and this unique portrayal of Greek and Norse mythology in a modern setting.

This is an excellent twist on the gods of Olympus with the added benefit of having the Norse gods added. This story follows the gods as young adults attending the Academy of Gods. Persephone is a hardcore chick who doesn’t take crap from anyone even her fiancé Hades, and his posse Loki and Fenrir, who targets her to be the “pariah” if the school. There is a huge mystery behind Persephone’s parentage and her self that it makes you want to find out more.


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