From the moment I lay eyes on her, she intrigues me.

From the moment I lay eyes on her, she intrigues me.

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July, 30th, 2019.

Royal romance that will make you feel like a Queen. Royal Academy is a beautiful, steamy romance that will have you cheering Andrew and Eliza on from the very beginning. Not to be missed.

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Royal Academy

Eliza Noble doesn’t belong in my world.
I’m a Prince, and she’s a scholarship student.
No one thinks she’s good enough, but I’ll have her anyway.

From the moment I lay eyes on her, she intrigues me.

And even though my friends can’t stand her, something deep inside me burns to know the pretty girl who doesn’t quite fit in.

At first, I hide my curiosity.

I have a rep to protect.

But I can’t hold back forever.

I will make her mine.

Then I’ll be forced to choose.

Do I pursue the path determined by my birthright,

or do I follow my heart?

Pick up your copy of Mckenna James’ Royal Academy and get your royal romance fix.

What the Reviews Say

Wow!! Eliza and Drew are thrown together and the chemistry was exploding, but they come from two totally different worlds. Can they make work. Great story couldn’t put it down. Absolutely recommend!!

A well-written, delightful story that is sweet and sexy at the same time. Remarkable!

Royal academy was a cute story. About two 18 year olds going to college and finding love. One happens to be a prince and the other is lower working class. It’s an instant love fighting social class type of story. Cute and enjoyable read.

With the normal fairy tale elements (prince charming, insta love for commoner, evil “trusted” friend/family, HEA etc) you will still enjoy this modern retelling!

I really enjoyed this book!!! I loved the saucy banter. I liked the storyline very much it kept me very interested. The love hate part was fun to read. The steamy scenes were great and kept you reading.


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