I’ll move heaven and earth to get my woman and my baby back.

I’ll move heaven and earth to get my woman and my baby back.

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
July, 26th, 2019.

A chance to grab the complete series in one go! The Indiana Panthers: The Complete Series is a kindle-meltingly hot collection of six extremely naughty romances – each with its own HEA – to enjoy when you want to disappear into a world of steamy drama, undeniable attraction and intense romance.

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Indiana Panthers:
The Complete Series

6 full length standalone novels specially created for readers who fantasize about HOT Guys with Six Packs. 

Books included:

Chance Atkins…
Nothing turns me on like he does.
He was stark naked when I met him for the first time.
I mean, who does that, right?
I still dream of wrapping my legs around his waist.
But now that his career is on the line…
And he has a decision to make.
It’s either me…or his lifelong dream of playing for the NFL.

Well, what’s it going to be?

The Touchdown
Bobby Taylor…
My rival. 
But one look in his eyes got me hooked. 
I can’t get him out of my head.
So, we have to keep this a secret. 
But he has his eyes set on the NFL and I’m a distraction. 
It’s not just his career that’s on the line. 
I would have to suffer serious consequences for dating the enemy. 
My life has been threatened. 
Can love win over rivalry?

Or will this be the end of us?

She’s gotta come back to me – come what may! 
I loved Charlene with my heart and soul, 
Just took a little longer to say it to her. 
Okay, so long that she decided to move out of my life. 
She was pregnant with my baby, 
And that too did not influence her decision. 
I guess I screwed up really bad. 
But now, I’ll make it up to her. 
I’ll stop at nothing but winning her back, 
Charlene, I’m coming.
And this time don’t say NO, please.

After all, our baby deserves to know who his father is!

Only You
Jacob Wynn…
Thick thighs, all muscle, hard, chiseled abs. 
And… my new client. 
We know we shouldn’t do it. 
We know that our relationship is strictly business, 
But we just can’t resist. 
I am supposed to be the doctor here, the healer. 
But it is his hands that are checking my body, 
It’s like he is giving me a cure for all my fantasies. 

And how am I supposed to say no to the best and multiple ‘O’s’ that he gives me!

My Friend’s Sister
Alexa Rae…she is someone special, 
She captivates my imagination in ways I never knew existed. 
All I want is to hold her, touch her, and just be with her – forever.
But she’s my best friend’s little sister, 
And he doesn’t want a playboy like me anywhere near her.
Even after I have planted my seed inside her,
But now there’s nothing pulling us apart.
This playboy is committed to claiming what is his,

And this time it’s his family!

With you Forever
This college fling is never going to work..
I had everything figured out until…
The ravishing Tia Bradford entered my life.
Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning…I am falling short of adjectives to describe her. 
But all this cannot work,
The college rules don’t permit cheerleaders seeing players,
But both, Tia and I cannot keep our hands (and mouths!) off each other. 
They say, some rules are to be broken, 
But when she leaves me against my plan,
I decide to break ALL rules. 
And then I discover that she did not leave alone. 
To hell with career, 

I’ll move heaven and earth to get my woman and my baby back.

What the Reviews Say

Each of the books will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride but you will not be able to put it down. The characters are so real they will just pull you in to the story. Each of the football players will find their mate whether it’s a cheerleader, journalist or other. The chemistry is hot and so you will need to bring you a fan.

This awesome collection gives you this complete series in one fell swoop. All six, full length books are here to deliver hours and hours of steamy, sports romance goodness.

This is a must read collection of collection athletes that are at the top of their games. Each has their own storyline as some stumbles and others soar. But they find the women that makes them think of only them and puts doubts if they can get their sports goal and still have them. These stories show how each deals with their choices. A must read for hours of reading enjoyment.

The story lines are fun, the characters likable, the emotions are deep, the drama is tense and the hemistry sizzles. Whether you are a fan of sprts themed reads or just love books that offer a great balance of heat and heart, I do not think that you should pass up adding this terrific series to your library.

All the stories was different and entertaining with lots of steamy heated scenes!!! This is definitely a great set to keep in your collection or to give as a gift!! Great box set!! A must have!!


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