There’s one more secret that he’s going to find out eventually. I’m pregnant

I’m pregnant with his child.

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
July, 24th, 2019.

Are you ready to meet Dr. Everette Weston? Obsessed with a Daddy is the next steamy standalone in Kelli Callahan’s uber-sexy Once Upon a Daddy series. Hot, naughty, taboo and devilishly good. A great midweek read!

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Obsessed with a Daddy (Once Upon a Daddy Book 8)

I am absolutely obsessed with my new neighbor.

Dr. Everette Weston.
He’s hot-as-sin with a heart of gold.
He might be a little older than man,
But I don’t care.
There’s just something about him…

Did I mention that I’ve been spying on him?

I knew it was wrong. I was terrified of getting caught.
But obsession does strange things to people.
My secret had to be exposed eventually…
And that’s when I found out he had a secret too.

He likes to be called Daddy.

One night of passion I’ll never regret.
He took my innocence and so much more.
Then I had to leave for college, but I took something with me.
There’s one more secret that he’s going to find out eventually.

I’m pregnant with his baby.

In nine months, I won’t be the only one calling him Daddy.
I just have to figure out how to tell him…

What the Reviews Say

Everette is a sweet and responsible doctor who does right by Holly and takes care of her sexual awakening. Holly is an immature freshman in college but, she grows up real quick while with Everette. This is a sweet story that has a some naughty to go with it. He is the white knight that every girl hopes and dreams to have come to declare his intentions.

I’m so enjoying the Once Upon a Daddy series. It’s like every book gets hotter and hotter. Talk about Big Daddy laying it down, and laying it down good. This book is a hot, role play, sexy book. And something that you will enjoy reading.

This is another of Kelli Callahan’s fabulous, delicious Daddy series books (all stand-alone books). This book, as always, was completely entralling and engaging. Callahan’s real magic, however, is her ability to enfuse the characters with such realistic, true, and raw emotion that the reader can not help but feel them poor from the pages!

This was another great story by Kelli Callahan. I love how she writes. I can never get enough of her stories. I never want it to end. I enjoyed the interactions between Holly and Everette.

Holly and Everette were so good together and boy, was it hot! I love it when the man takes charge and doesn’t take long to decide what and who he wants. The connection between them was undeniable and it didn’t hurt that they were neighbors.


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