Read this when your humpday needs more romance in it.


Read this when your humpday needs more romance in it.


Your recommended reads for today,
July, 24th, 2019.

Captive of the Wolf Pack:
A Bonfire Falls Paranormal Romance

Our forbidden love will spark a war…

I’m in love with three wolf shifters who also happen to be my best friends. They don’t know how I feel, but I can’t keep this secret much longer. Our relationship is strictly forbidden. Witches and shifters don’t mix in my world. Falling in love with them would mean punishment by death, so I flee. My stepmother Lexus, High Priestess at Dark Magic Academy, is enraged by my disobedience. She’ll stop at nothing to get me back. She wants to control my magic, but she’ll never control my heart. It already belongs to three irresistible men.

Nyx, Remus, and Torak are my guys. I don’t care if we’re not meant to be together. There’s an undeniable connection between the four of us. I can’t ignore it anymore. Our love is dangerous, but it’s worth risking everything. War is coming to Bonfire Falls. There’s nothing I can do to stop it. Love is the strongest magic of all, but I don’t know if it will be enough to keep us safe.

🔥 Heat Level 5

Alexandr Obsessed (Bad Russian Book 1)

If only he knew!

When wealthy, powerful Alexandr sees Cate, the fresh and innocent American art student, he knows at once that he must have her, whatever it takes. He will make her his, teach her for the first time what it means to feel the strength of a Russian man who knows exactly how to take what he wants.

The first time Cate encounters Alexandr, his power and his huge, gorgeous body make her tremble, fearful.
Unsure how to respond to the strong man’s insistent demands, she is reluctant to trust him and give in.

When she learns how raw, passionate, and determined he is to protect her and give her everything she needs in the long, blue nights, Cate starts to wonder what it might be like to feel the Russian oligarch’s power.

🔥 Heat Level 5

Choose your Heat!
🌹 Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
💘 Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
♥️ Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
🔥 Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

The Debt: Mafia Vows One

In my world, power is taken not given.
In my world, women are a pastime and nothing more. In my world, emotions are dangerous and need to be locked down.

Maya was born into this, but she doesn’t understand it. It makes her vulnerable, and now she’s been promised to a man I wouldn’t let my worst enemy marry. She needs help – my help.

I step in and take her as my bride in order to save her skin. Our marriage might be fake, but our passion is real. My ring on her finger is the tie that binds us.

Maya thinks she can walk away once the danger has passed. She believes our passion is fleeting. She hopes I will simply let her go.
She’s wrong.
On. Every. Single. Count.

We’re playing a dangerous game. One where the lines are so blurred, we can’t see them.I’m going to take her and make her mine, and in this game, she’ll play by my rules.But someone wants Maya out of the game completely, and our world is about to implode.

🔥 Heat Level 5

Reckless: Episode 1 of the Shattered Chronicles

“Perhaps my biggest sin was that my faith in Cord was so uncompromising and complete, I didn’t try and see him for who he was, but kept the fantasy of who I wanted him to be in place to mask the truth. And where did that get me? With a husband who’s run off on some reckless quest, a woman who claims she’s his lover and government agents who claim Cord is responsible for missing spent-nuclear-fuel. I’d say, at the moment, I win the prize for whose life sucks the most. The question is, how do I put things back the way they were? ” Morgan Windwalker.

Take the first step in a journey that will take you on a trip you won’t soon forget in The Shattered Chronicles.

♥️ Heat Level 3

Long Live Dead Reckless

Talor Gardin may be a princess, but her life is no fairy tale. After her mother dies and her father burns down their house, she finds herself limping through life working a minimum wage job to finish college. As if that isn’t enough, her hometown is haunted and an anxiety disorder reminds her every day who’s boss.

Then he shows up.

Sage Talis is the sexy, shy type with plenty of secrets – like retractable fangs and a price on his head – and Talor only knows two things: he sings in a rock band, and she’s never known so little about a man she’s wanted so much. Talor can’t stop thinking about her handsome new coworker with freckles, and she can’t figure out what makes him so irresistible until she hears him sing.

But when cryptic letters appear on her wrist, Talor is thrust into a world where fantastic creatures lurk just below the skin, strangers keep calling her a princess, and everything she’s been through is nothing compared to what’s coming.

♥️ Heat Level 3

Temptation: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance

Every sin leaves a mark. His are forever.

He was once a man. Now, he is a caged beast. This world has shattered him, but I will be the one to make him whole again.

I live a sheltered existence. When my mother died, my father took us into the heart of the forest. He gave me one simple rule: never cross the Great Divide.

I’m pulled to him like a magnet to metal. We make eye contact. My body locks with fear, and I collapse into his arms. In one moment, he takes me. My guarded life is ruined.

He and I are connected by a secret. A pulse between two broken hearts. I am his temptation – I belong to him.

*Note: This novel is downright filthy, wild, and contains a HEA you won’t want to miss!

🔥 Heat Level 5


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